Horse Camp, A Great Summer Activity For Kids!

About a month ago my daughter got invited to one of her best friend's birthday party. She lives maybe a block a way, but wasn't having her party at her house. Her friend was having a group of her friends head out to the county and have fun with a day riding horses.

My daughter was super excited. She's been on small horse rides at fairs around town and has even shown interest in taking lessons, mainly because her best friend does, so I knew she would have a blast.

When I dropped her off and sat and talked with one of the local horse trainers, Sarah Parks, owner of Sarah Parks Horsemanship. I was shocked to learn the age and how young some of the kids she trained were. I mean, how young is too young to ride a horse? Well, to my surprise the younger the better. She even teaches a group called Trot N Tot's from ages three to six. This program is a way to introduce kids at a young age to learn to ride in a fun, safe, and interactive environment.

The lessons are for an hour and a half and the parents are included in the fun as the kids not only get pony rides, but they also get to have craft time, play games and so much more. I actually think it's pretty amazing that kids can learn how to ride at a young age. It helps them learn how to be safe and also learn not to be afraid of horses. 

After learning all the information about the many different programs she offers for kids and talking with the hubby about it, we're still deciding if we're going to put her in lessons, probably not this Summer as she is already in a few different activities, but more than likely next year.

For those of you that are looking for something new and exciting for your kiddos to do this Summer, I'd highly recommend checking out your local Horse/Pony Camps to see the different programs and opportunities they have that your kiddos can participate in throughout the year. When booking a pony club make sure that you are made aware of what pieces of equipment you need for the pony club as some will be provided and some you will have to provide.


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