Readers Reveal Thoughts on Banana Boat All Natural Reflect

A couple of months back, we tried and reviewed Banana Boat's All Natural Reflect Sunscreen Lotion and I absolutely loved how it worked with my kiddos. Along with our review we also gave 25 of our readers the chance to try out the sunscreen lotion in exchange for a review and a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card.

Well, the results are in, check out below what are amazing readers had to say about Banana Boat All Natural Reflect and also the winner of our $50 Visa gift card.


I recently had the chance to try out Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen. We gave it try this past weekend when the sun was out and we made a trip to the beach! Things I love about it is that it is 50 SPF, it applies easy, doesn't dry white, that it is water-resistant, that it has a mild scent, that it is made from naturally sourced ingredients and that the container is a nice size to throw in my purse so we have it handy at all times. We have sensitive skin issues in this house and so far this sunscreen has proven to be good. After a day at the beach we came home with no rashes and no sunburns so we will definitely continue to use this product and will recommend it to others! ~ Judy C.

What I loved about this sunscreen was it's intense water resistance. It was very noticeable when my kids tried to wash it off. It wouldn't come off! So the water resistance of this sunscreen is a plus for a day at the pool, splash pad or beach. It is also a very mild, unscented lotion so no noses were turned up at a strange scent. ~ Monica R.

While the weather hasn't been the most conducive to a review, I have been trying out this product. I really like it! I love that you don't end up smelling like a tropical cocktail, and I love how thick it is - a little goes a long way. There's also no greasy feeling like I have found with other sunscreens - it'll be Banana Boat Natural Reflect for this house from now on! ~Francine F.

As someone who is extremely fair/pale skinned, and who has extremely fair/pale skinned children I was excited to try out a sunscreen that is more natural. My children have eczema, so I am very careful about what I use on their skin, and I have been using Banana Boat since before I was a Mom (and I've been a mom for almost 19 years now). I used the sunscreen the day after receiving it on my youngest three children (ages 3, 4 and 5) and myself (I have sensitive skin, and prefer the children's sunscreen as I find it more gentle plus I like the higher SPF). What I loved most was that there is NO scent! I am allergic to fragrances, so this is wonderful and because of this fact alone I will buy this product again. I also love that it worked. At the end of the day, not one of us had any sign of redness or sunburn, and no one had any irritation due to the lotion either. What I didn't like was that it was hard to apply, had a texture more like diaper cream than sunscreen, and left our skin looking pasty. But those are all things I can get over, as I love that it worked, and am thrilled that there was no scent. ~Andrea A.

The Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen SPF 50 worked really well for us. The application is cumbersome but overall the product does the job. We followed the rule of reapplication every 2 hours and saw no burns. The white residue while applying isn't the most attractive, but at least you know that you didn't miss any spots during the application process. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to stray away from a more chemical based sunscreen. $11.99 is a reasonable price point for this product. ~ Sabrina T.

Both of my kids and I have sensitive skin. Therefore, we really love the opportunity to try this sunscreen. It's a bit thick in texture, so I need to spend a little more time to try to apply them evenly on my kids. Even though it has a thick texture, it does absorb fairly quickly and therefore, we do not have the greasy feeling at all. We had tried it out several times since we received the sample and we would say that this product is great and it works perfectly on my kids and on me too!
~ Lee W.

As someone who loves to spend time outdoors as well as being someone who gravitates towards natural products - this was perfect for me! When we FINALLY had nice enough weather to REALLY put the product to the test (and yes, I know you should also wear sunscreen on cloudy cooler days - but I felt a hot sunny day would be the perfect testing grounds) My initial reaction to reading the products claims: Awesome! I was very impressed that it contained 100% naturally sourced products! I really like the fact that you are not going to be putting a ton of chemicals onto your body My initial thought on applying some of the lotion: WHOA is this thick! While it did absorb in well after a minute of rubbing in, I can't imagine trying to apply it properly to a wiggly little one wanting to get moving! The smell is mild and not unpleasant or unpleasant - just there. While I love the smell of your traditional sunscreen that reminds you of the beach with it's coconut undertones, I realize that comes with the chemicals the Natural Reflect is avoiding. Once the lotion was on - it did not feel or look greasy AT all. Always a bonus, especially when it's going on your face! Seeing as I would not be going into any water today - I concocted my own water proof testing by simply submerging my hands in water and under running water for a few minutes to see if it would wash off that way - nope! The claim of being 'very water resistant' was true! I could still tell the lotion was there after my test. It did wash off easily with a little soap - perfect for after sun clean up! As for the actual sun protection when I was outside - I spent an hour walking in the hot (prime day time hours) sun and though I came home sweaty - no redness to my skin. I'd call that a success! It appears to work well! While I am not a huge fan of the lengthy time it takes to rub the lotion into your skin - I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to a good quality, waterproof lotion that is a greener option! ~Suzie B.

I tried the sunscreen and I love it! It doesn't leave a greasy, shiny film. It smells nice. My daughter was able to play outside all day without so much as a hint of a sunburn! I love that its all natural and I feel very comfortable using it on my girl. ~Shara W.

The Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen is a great product. I like the flip lid because it makes it easier to maneuver the tube while applying the lotion. I also like the colours of the packaging, it's nice and summery. The sunscreen goes on quite thick, which is perfect to see where you have applied and where you haven't, but absorbs quickly leaving your skin soft and smooth - no greasy feeling!! I like the very light and natural scent of this product. It doesn't smell like artificial scent was added. The best thing about this sunscreen is that it works perfectly. We have used it a few times and not a trace of a burn, even on field trip day when my son and I spent all day in the sun. ~Joonie H.

Banana Boat Natural Reflect Kids Sunscreen Lotion- We were very excited to try this product. My son has unfortunately inherited my very sensitive skin so I was thrilled with this natural product. I hate that other sunscreens are full of chemicals. My son loves to be outside and fair skinned so it is very important to me to have an awesome sunscreen to put on his skin. It smells great, prevented my son from getting burned and felt great when applying it to his skin. The weather hasn't been warm enough to swim so can't comment on it's water resistance. Love that it is sting free, tear free and SPF 50. I am looking forward to using this great product all summer. Thanks Banana Boat and Just Us Girls for the fab sampling opportunity! ~Melissa F.

It's been a bit rainy in southern Ontario lately, however this past weekend was hot hot hot. We have a backyard pool and so I like to refer to myself as a sunscreen connoisseur. I tried the Banana Boat Natural Reflect and we loved it! it's non greasy, little to no smell and best part is that it's long lasting. Natural reflect worked really well even with the kids being in and out the water. I will continue to use the natural reflect sunscreen in my backyard for all the kids that come to play here! ~Beth Y.

I absolutely love this sunscreen! I find that it's always a chore to apply this to a wiggling child and then get them to it still for a few minutes while it absorbs. This sunscreen absorbed so quickly and there was no wait time. I also love that its natural and mild as water so I can feel good about applying it to my children! Will definitely repurchase! ~Courtney F.

I like that it natural and no strong scents my little girl enjoys helping put it on and i dot find it super greasy like some.The price is reasonable I would recommend this product ~Jaymie M.

My kids and I have been using the natural reflect sunscreen for over a week now. I like that the sunscreen is thick and that it coats well on the skin. It takes a little bit to rub it in, but at least you know that you kids get a good coating of sunscreen!I also was impressed that this sunscreen uses natural ingredients that are Paba and Paraben free which I like as these are known carcinogens. I found that the natural reflect sunscreen has a pleasant scent compared to other natural products that have very pungent odours to them! I also found that this sunscreen doesn't irritate my families' skin like other natural products that have caused rashes in the past! ~Caryn S.

Banana Boat is a name we know and trust in our home. What I first noticed was there was no scent. I also noticed while I applied that it absorbs very fast and does not leave a oily residue behind, or leaving there skin sticky. I will be using and recommending this products to friends and family
~Angie M.

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