Super Mario Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago was my son's sixth birthday. I can't even begin to tell you how fast time seems to be passing, but I'm sure most of you parents out there already know.

My son has been in his Mario Brother's phase lately, so it was no surprise that for his birthday this year he wanted Super Mario Brothers to be his theme. To my surprise I didn't realize that not many party stores carry too much of party supplies for Mario, so I basically had to look up most of the items and decorations online between different only stores, like, Oriental Trading and Etsy along with looking on the wonderful Pinterest where I found loads and loads of ideas to make my son's party special. Take a look below at what we ended up with:

I first started off with help from Oriental Trading. They sent me the checkered tablecloth, treat boxes and mustache straws, because what's a Mario's party without Mustache straws?!

The kids had a ball with those. Since most of what I was doing was was going to be from online I decided to look on Etsy, which is where I found the Mario Banner along with the Thank You labels for the treat boxes. The huge printable images I found online and my husband's co-worker had a laser printer at home, so he did us a huge favor and printed out the images for the backdrop.

I also got pretty lucky because I found a site where they had free Mario printables that went perfectly with the theme and so I grabbed drink labels for the water and juice bottles, which the kids seemed to love.

Now as for the Piranha Plant, I had to get creative because I knew I wanted those to be the center pieces and looking on Pinterest helped a lot because there are a few different ways you can make them. I found an easy and affordable way between a couple of different pins and found that using a circle Styrofoam as the head and the planters that you get from the dollar store was the easiest way and was pretty cheap to make. Although looking at them now, I should have painted inside the planter as well, I do think I did a pretty good job on it. 

As for games, I thought it would be cool do get plastic white Easter eggs and color them with green dots and do a Yoshi's Egg Race. Great idea and it would have turned out great, but it was seriously so hot outside we ended up moving the party inside so that they kids wouldn't get too hot from the heat and humidity. This would have definitely been a great game to play. I also found a template online for Pin The Mustache On Mario, which my hubby's co-worker printed out for us as well. Another game that didn't get played because we had the kids play inside, but I did however have my little guy take a picture next to it after placing the mustache on Mario.

Overall, I think the decorations turned out pretty nice for putting everything together without "real," Mario decorations and the kids had a kick out of the little Bombs, Mushrooms and Coin Boxes, which were the only things I did seem to find at our local Party Store. Even though it was pretty hot to be outside the entire time, the kids did enjoy playing games inside and had a great time, which is really all I could ask for.

Items from the Party:
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received items from Oriental Trading at no cost for the purpose of sharing this party. No other compensation was received.


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