Playtex Nurser Drop-Ins System Review

I have a two week old baby and have noticed that the last week my baby has been having a gassy belly and a lot of hiccups. It's hard being a new mother, especially when you see your little one not being so comfortable and thinking what can you do to help them. Luckily I was given the New Playtex bottles with drop ins Liners to try.

The new drop in Liners contract like the breast, preventing air from entering the system, so you can see that your baby gets just milk. It has also been clinically shown to significantly reduce colic. I have notice immediately that my baby is less gassy and in his last three feedings I've also noticed that he doesn't have anymore hiccups.

The nipples on the Playtex bottles are soft and easy to suck, with just enough milk to come out. Also the drop ins provide your bottle with no air which means no gas for my little guy, which makes for a very happy mommy.

I've noticed that other products either have a hard nipple or to much milk comes out of the nipple and am glad to see that these drop ins provide my child with just the right amount of milk for his feedings, the drop ins are so easy to use and very convenient. The price is also very reasonable and saves time on doing a lot of dishes, especially as a new mother. I would definitely recommend these bottles to anyone. I am a very satisfied customer.
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Playtex Bottles with the Drop Ins Liners at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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