Getting Crafty w/ @PlaSmart Threadz {Review}

There's nothing like craft time with your little ones, especially on rainy days or nights. A few days ago we had a fun crafts night and had a great opportunity to make our own scarf with a great crafty and kid friendly product called ‘Threadz - Make a Scarf Kit’! My daughter and I (she’s 8) opened up the pretty packaging and laid out all our material. All of the yarn comes pre-measured and cut, which gave us a nice clean start. We separated all the yarn and feathered string by following the directions in the box.

The instructions are easy to follow, though we did have a few hiccups here and there with learning to tie the knots, which was not explained very well anywhere in the instructions or on the package, so we headed to their website and found their video that has a better tutorial on how to create our scarf. 

The project was fun and certainly drew plenty of giggles, even while we had to restart a couple of times as we learned how to use the looms provided in the kit. We needed a pretty decent sized working space to get started since the yarn we were working with is 6.5 feet long, but once we got the hang of threading the loops, it was exciting to watch our scarf take form! 

This was an exceptionally fun project for the two of us. The package says 6+ years, though I really couldn’t imagine a 6-year-old doing this without the help of an adult. These are perfect projects to give as gifts or offer for craft time for the kids. The packaging of our kit also advertised a ‘Make a Purse’ kit and a ‘Make a Beanie’ kit, all three retailing for around $24.99. I’m excited to enjoy time together making an entire matching set! 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Threadz Make A Scarf Kit at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. 


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