@EcoTraction Perfect For This Winter and Spring! #NoRoadSalt

I love finding out about new companies, especially ones that are made here in Canada and ones that have items that can help and benefit my family. One of the latest new companies I've gotten familiar with is, Eco Traction. Eco Traction is an all natural volcanic, non toxic mineral that grips to ice. You can use this in place of salt during Winter. It helps prevent slips and works instantly once sprinkled on ice and snow.

Eco Traction was created by founder, Mark Watson after his dog died from licking harmful road salt. This lead Mark to looking into non toxic alternative road salt so this would never happen to anyone again. Loosing your pet is like loosing a member of your family, I can't even imagine loosing our dog from toxic salt.

Another great thing about Eco Traction is that once Winter is over and the snow has melted you can sweep minerals onto your lawn because it helps improve soil and helps your lawn grow healthy in the Spring, so you get twice the action for you paid for.

I was sent two 10lbs containers of Eco Traction along with a 5lbs bag of Eco Traction and two of boxes of their Eco Air, which you can see in the photo below.

Unfortunately, as it's not snowing here in my part of town I was unable to try out Eco Traction, but I have high hopes for it and have seen so many positive reviews that I'm confident in this product. Not to mention that this morning it got the stamp and approval for PTPA, which means this is definitely parent approved and that works for me!

One thing that I did get to try was their Eco Air. Eco Air helps with odor and moisture elimination and  this is definitely a need for everyone even if you don't have pets or kids. For me, I used one box next to my dog, Izzie. We love her dearly, but my nose is highly sensitive to smells and odors so sitting one next to her sleeping area was a must. Another place I used this was my hallway closet. This is where all of our shoes are kept. This was needed here because my husband's work boots and my kids shoes aren't filled with roses and  I often have to febreeze this area. I was happy to see that when I tried Eco Air the odors actually disappeared and I've never been so pleased. I noticed a difference in the smell of the spots where I put the Eco Air box within 24 hours. This is definitely something all of us should be using and not just by pets or where shoes are, but you can put this in your fridge, you can put this in your vehicle, in your kids closet, anywhere there might be odor or moisture.

You can keep up with the latest, deals, products and connect with the people over at Eco Traction on their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages!

You can find find Eco Traction at the following stores:

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Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. Thanks to the company for the giveaway prize.


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