@CardSwap Where Swapping GiftCards Are Worth It!

You ever receive a gift card to a store or restaurant and end up not using them? Or you get one to a place you never heard of or don't like? Well today I want to share with you a company called, CardSwap. CardSwap is basically where you can sell your new or used gift cards in exchange for either another gift card towards a place you really want or for cash. Simple, right?

I had the opportunity to check out and sign up for CardSwap myself and purchase one of their gift cards.  I chose a cineplex card for a great date night out for the hubby and myself. Let me tell you, now is the time to be swapping cards, especially since Christmas is literally around the corner. If you have gift cards you want to get rid of you can seriously make some extra money or you can swap them for cards you'll actually use or want to give to someone as a gift.

Signing up was very easy and only takes a minute. You have the option of signing up through your facebook account or through your email. Another great thing about CardSwap is that when you buy a card, you receive SwapPoints. These can be used towards another gift card or you can swap them out for cash. The number of points you get per purchase does vary depending on what card you're buying and from where. In my opinion I would let me points accumulate so that I could purchase another card to somewhere else I want to shop at. 

Feel free to check out CardSwap and maybe even sign up, it only takes a minute. 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received credit towards CardSwap for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. Thanks to the company for the giveaway prize.


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