Join Santa and Mrs. Claus For A Healthier Holiday Season!

The most beloved holiday couple, Santa and Mrs. Claus, are leveraging their celebrity status this season to bring attention to heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in the United States.

Mrs. Claus is inviting American families to join her in making the same, heart-healthy lifestyle changes she and Santa are taking on this year to raise awareness for nutrition’s role in heart health. Instead of saying you're going on a diet this upcoming New Year, let's just make better and healthier choices for not just you, but for your family as well. We as parents need to set a good and healthy example for our kids. One good tip I can give you is to start easy and simple, just substituting the little things like sweetner instead of sugar will make a difference.

The Claus’ journey is partly inspired by Oklahoma City’s commitment to losing 1 million collective
pounds. After reading about the city’s continued health goals, Mrs. Claus took out a full page advertisement in The Oklahoman to praise the city’s residents and share her plan to change the Claus family’s health habits.

In hopes of paying the inspiration forward, Mrs. Claus made a rare public appearance via video message from the North Pole, encouraging families to swap out Santa’s oatmeal raisin cookies for, well, just raisins and chocolate chip cookies for dark chocolate. Mrs. Claus also created to house all of her nutrition tips and exclusive interviews with nutrition and health experts. 

 I think this is a wonderful goal to commit to and love that two of the biggest icons of the holiday season are taking part and encouraging families all over to join them as well.

The site will be updated throughout December to help Americans have a happy, healthy holiday season. For more information, including additional facts about essential nutrients for heart health like omega-3s, beta-glucan and vitamins D, and E, visit Mrs. Claus’ trusted source,

Disclosure: Although this has been a compensated sponsored post, All opinions are my own.


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