Hexbug Circuit Boards RC Skateboard Half Pipe Set (Review) #HolidayGiftGuide

My son is getting to that age where he wants to be like his older cousin and ride his skateboard and do tricks. So for Christmas last year we got him and my daughter their very own skateboard. This past Summer he road it so much and tried to do tricks and go up a couple small ramps that my husband made for him. He now wants to go to the skate park where the older kids go to do tricks on a big ramp. I knew this was coming. I'm not ready for him to go and I think I can get him to wait a at least until after his birthday next Summer.

So in the mean time I've distracted him with the cool Hexbug Circuit Boards RC Skateboard Half Pipe Set. This is such a cool toy for any kids that are interesting in skateboards, ramps and doing tricks. The set comes with an assorted Circuit Board deck, half pipe ramp, RC skateboard power axle, remote control and a tool for adjustments.
When opening up the set, I love how durable and sleek the pieces are. I also love that my son figured out how to put everything together and work it on his own. I think this made him even more excited that he was able to put it together by himself without any help from mom and dad. The remote for the skateboard is very easy to manage with the two different channels, one for normal speed and one for turbo speed.

My son absolutely loves this set. He loves that he can perform tricks on the mini skateboard and how the remote control has a turbo boost setting that makes it easier for the skateboard to climb up the ramps! Plus all of the tricks that he performs on the set are giving him ideas for when he can actually go to our skate park and try the tricks out on a big ramp.

What's also awesome about this set is that you can connect your ramp to the other ramps in the Circuit Board collection. My son is excited to expand his collection already. 

The Hexbug Circuit Boards RC Skateboard Half Pipe Set is available at Mastermind Toys and would be a great gift for your kid this holiday season. 

Mastermind Toys is Canadian owned and operated. They’ve been selling toys for more than 30 years in the greater Toronto area; and have expanded to 32 stores across Canada and still growing! Their staff is always ready to provide the BEST customer service and help find the perfect gift for every little one on your list. They also offer complimentary gift-wrapping for an easy one-stop shopping trip.

For more information about Mastermind Toys be sure to head to: www.mastermindtoys.com

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Hexbug Circuit Boards RC Skateboard Half Pipe Set at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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