Charley The Chameleon Review #HolidayGiftGuide

My little girl is getting so big. She'll be five months at the end of this month and her personality keeps showing more and more. One thing she loves is looking at lights before bed time. She's been sleeping through the entire night for a few months now and it's great. She's already had her share of different night lights that we've been using to help her go to sleep on her own and we had the opportunity to try another great soothing, calming and musical friend from Cloud b, Charley The Chameleon.

Charley is just the cutest. Not only is he soft and cuddly stuff animal that helps kids transition from playtime to sleep time, but he also helps sooth little ones by changing different colors of the rainbow as well as plays soothing sounds that will sooth your little one right to sleep.

Although my little girl is way too young to have Charley in the bed with her when she goes to sleep. We have him set up on her dresser, which is right next to her crib, so she can still see the beautiful colors he changes into and also hear both the rain forest and tropical tunes that he plays.

One thing I love about Charley, is like the other great Cloud b night buddies that help kids go to sleep, Charley will stay on for 45 minutes before turning off by himself. I absolutely love that I don't have to go back in my little girl's nursery to turn him off.

Charley is also easy to use as far as transitioning from lights to music, so if you give Charley to an older kid, they can easily turn him on and off:

Light and Sound Options of Charley:
Press 1x ON + Rain Forrest + transitional lights (colors transition gradually to the next)

Press 2x Tropical Tunes + strobing lights (colors jump to the next) 

Press 3 x Lights only – transitional

Press 4 x OFF

This would be a great gift for any kid that enjoys soothing sounds and beautiful lights along with a stuff animal friend to sleep with. For more information about Charley and other Cloud b products, be sure to head on over to:
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Charley The Chameleon at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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