Function Meets Fabulous with @BlingGuard {Review}

I absolutely love jewelry. I'm one of those girls who loves wearing lots of bracelets, earrings and rings when I go out. So when I had the opportunity to try a few items from BlingGuard I was pretty excited to see how it would work. What a great unique idea it is! There are two types of BlingGuards, the BlingWraps and BlingDots. The BlingWraps help your rings stay in place and keep from slipping and the BlingDots help relieve pressure and weight from your earrings keeping them lifted up and positioned right on your ear lobe.

I love my costume jewelry and yes to be honest I’ve done the whole tape thing to hold my rings in place from time to time and by the end of my evening it turns into a big mess trying to take it off afterwards. My wedding rings for instance. In the Winter months will slide all over the place, spin and at times have fallen right off, which is pretty scary. With the BlingWrap, I tried it and loved it. My rings have been staying in place and also allows me to wear the rings that I couldn't wear before. You know, like the cute unique one of a kind rings you find at a swapmeet and it's too big, but you get it anyways, yeah, so now I can wear them.  The wrap definitely keeps them all in place and from slipping off or turning around which we all know is a pain in the butt.

As for the BlingDots I love how well it supports earrings. I can remember countless times where I've lost either one of the two of my earrings or end up taking them off during an evening out because I found the earring to be too heavy on my ear. I have this one favorite pair of earrings that I love and well don’t wear them much as they are heavy and fall out. While wearing the BlingDot I was very impressed that for one, they stayed on and two, wasn't so heavy on my ear. I also found them to be very comfortable, which was something I had concerns about before I tried both products. So if you're like me and you have trouble keeping your jewelry in place or find that some may be too big, I would definitely thing about trying both products from BlingGuard and see for yourself how well they work.
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned products at no cost for the purpose of this review and book tour. No other compensation was received.  


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