Angry Bird Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bounce Game #MayTheFourthBeWithYou (Review & Giveaway)

Last week we got a package delivered to us. I knew right away what it was because it had a huge sticker saying, "May The Fourth Be With You," that's right, it was The Angry Birds Star Wars game from Hasbro. My kids were super excited to open up the box.

Once we did we noticed both the Millennium  Falcon Bounce Game along with one of the four Angry Bird Star Wars  Foam Flyer. We got Darth Vador, my son has been hanging on to that foam flyer for over a week now, my dog has been eyeing Darth Vador's every move as she'd love to have that as her new chew toy, lol.

Now, I'm not a huge Star Wars fan even though I've seen some of the movies. My brother in law yells at me all the time about that. He LOVES Star Wars. My kids, well my son, is a HUGE Angry Birds fan. So his excitement got me excited to play the game and I was happy I had the opportunity to review it. Now on the box it states that players should be eight and older. My son is almost six and had no trouble learning the rules or playing the game. He loved it.

The object of the game, to launch your balls at the table and bounce them at your target. You get points for every pig you knock over, every ball you land in the center target, and every ball you land in the cockpit. The game is really fun. We were getting a bit competitive about getting the highest score, even though the hubby won all three times we played, he was aiming pretty good. At the end we all enjoyed ourselves and plan on playing it numerous times.

This is such a great family game for all to enjoy. Definitely a game I can see us playing on Family Game Night. I know for sure this will be one of the games on the table because ever since we've played it my son has been asking to play it over and over again. 
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned game at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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