For #MothersDay: Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do Book Giveaway

The Mother’s Tea is soon to start.
So far, my mom’s not here.
She said her work would end in time.
“I promise,” she made clear.

I start to cry as lunch begins
when…yippee—here she comes!
I don’t see the speeding ticket
She’s hiding as she runs!

What a child sees as everyday routine is anything but for a mom! Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do is a celebration of the unpredictable adventure that is motherhood with its sometimes silly, always heartfelt, and wonderfully important moments--all rooted in love. This sweet and amusing book will have book moms and kids smiling with recognition while spotlighting all the different ways a mom shows her devotion. 

Not only do we have, "Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do," by Marianne Richmond up for grabs for this lovely book giveaway for this Mother's Day, but we also have her other book, "If I could Keep You Little." Both books are perfect gifts considering Mother's Day is around the corner and you can enter to win both books for yourself or for a mom that you know and love.

Also, if you're looking for last DIY gift ideas for your kiddos to do in time for Mother's Day check out the two DIY ideas Marianne has for you!

Beloved author and illustrator MARIANNE RICHMOND has touched the lives of millions for nearly two decades through her award-winning books, greeting cards, and other gift products that offer people the most heartfelt way to connect with each other.  She lives in the Minneapolis area.  Visit


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