Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor Winner's Review & $50 Visa Gift Card Winner!

Back at the end of February we reviewed  for you all the new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor and we absolutely loved it. We hosted a giveaway and 25 winner's were chosen!

Today I want to share with you all some of the reviews from the ladies who won the razor and at the end of the reviews I'll choose one lucky winner to win a $50 Visa Gift Card! GOOD LUCK!


"I recently received one of the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razors to try and review. I absolutely LOVE this razor. It provides a very smooth shaving experience and left my legs looking great. The conditioning bar smells great and I can't wait to try the other varieties. I am definitely now a Schick Girl!" - Judy C.

"The first thing I noticed about the razor was its size. It's much larger than my usual razor. It has a larger head surrounded by moisturizing bars of coconut milk and almond oil which smells wonderful. The handle is also much wider than my usual razor. I was pleased to see rubber grips on the razor to make it easy to hold onto while using in the shower. Despite the larger size of the razor, it fit comfortably in my hand. The razor had a skin moisturizing solid around the actual razor head which lathers up while shaving eliminating the need for soap or shave gel. The solid lathered really well and I was impressed at how smoothly the razor glided over my skin. I was a bit worried that due to this solid on the razor head I wouldn't be able to get a close shave. I was surprised by how close of a shave I actually got. My legs feel soft and smooth and moisturized. I usually apply moisturizing lotion to my legs after shaving but didn't feel the need to after using this razor. Overall, this razor is definitely worth a try and has earned a permanent place in my shower. The razor actually comes with a suction cup holder to hold the razor in the bathtub. This is a great feature so I'll always be able to quickly locate my razor. Thanks for the opportunity to review this razor." - Amy

"When I first received the razor I was a little nervous. It was big and there was so much packaging but once I tried it I was very impressed. It left my legs soft and nick free. Now I use it all the time and love it. I will definitely be purchasing and recommending the Intuition Pure Nourishment razor to friends and family." - Jennifer

"I received the Schick Intuition pure nourishment razor for review and couldn't wait to try it out.I
first noticed the nice light scent and that it came with an extra blade. Which is a huge bonus.
It was a very smooth shave, it lathered very good and I got no cuts or scrapes.
After shaving my legs were left very soft,smooth and moisturized, without applying any lotion.
I loved the razor and will be recommended it to friends and family." - Angela M

"Loved the handle, it fit well in my hand and that's important to me because I have arthritis The scent was magical, reminding me of almond paste and sun tan lotion lol (good things). I loved not having to soap up before shaving and found the razor did that well for me. I had no nicks or cuts after shaving. Was pleased to find my skin really moisturized and soft after using this razor. I have sensitive skin, but found that this razor and its soap didn't bother my skin at all (yay)" - Anne T.

"I was interested to receive my Schick razor - I've always used shaving cream and wanted to see how this worked without it. I wasn't disappointed - it gave a close shave, smelled good and left my legs soft and smooth. It was nice to have one less step on a busy workday morning. This would be an excellent travel product as well, since it would eliminate the need for messy shaving cream cans in one's luggage. Overall, I would give it a thumbs-up, and will look at buying it again in the future!" -Sunshine G.

"I love this razor, I like that I don't have to use shaving cream. It gives a smooth shave and it's has great moisturizer. It is a little hard to use when it gets down close to the end, but I love it regardless. I can shave in the shower, no mess no fuss. These are great for travelling as they are an all in one and they are great for teaching the art of shaving too. So happy I got to try the coconut one, one of my fave scents. The price is a tad steep though, coupons would be a great idea. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to try this product. " -Sharon C.

"I am really enjoying the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor. The coconut milk and almond oil fragrance is wonderful. I like not having to use soap or shaving gel when I use this razor. It leaves my skin so soft. It feels like I have already used lotion right after I shave. This is a razor I will continue to use." - Erika K.

"I was thoroughly impressed with this razor. Normally, I use men's razors like Fusion cause they do a much better job, but the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor really competes with the Fusion! The built in shave cream actually foams, unlike others I've used in the past. My only complaint is that the built in shave cream doesn't last long enough." - Sarah S.

"My legs felt silky smooth after shaving, I didn't need to use shave gel (i have fine hair so the nourishment bar was good enough). The cover was kind of silly to get on and the handle is made for people with large hands (i have tiny hands)" -Stacey H.

"This is the perfect razor! My legs and underarms are left feeling so soft and silky after I shave. The moisturizing solid not only leaves my skin feeling smooth but cuts shaving time down so much. The blades easily glide over my skin without so much as a nick. The thick handle is really easy to hold onto and I love that it comes with a shower hanger. The coconut milk and almond oil scent is also really nice! The Intuition Pure Nourishment has earned a permanent place in my shower!" - Jonnie H.

"The first thing I noticed when the razor arrived was the scent of coconut milk and almond oil which I could smell it right away even from inside the box. When I took it out it seemed a little bulky and I questioned weather or not it would get a close enough shave?? As I began to shave the mane that had started to grow due to reno’s I was pleasantly surprised, my legs came out smooth, soft and silky. I do however have 2 small complaints first one I believe was due to the amount of hair I was shaving I found that the razor got clogged up a bit and the soap around the blades made it harder to clean it out and I noticed that it was wasting the soap around it as well...I would hope it would clean well other wise. My second issue was while shaving my under arms and bikini line areas I found the razor to be rather bulky to use. I have already told my friends about it and my bestie has gone out to buy one already, I would give this razor a 8/10." - Misty F.

"I was worried at first about the bulk size of the razor as my health isn't good and my grip even worse. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to hold and use and i never dropped it! The coconut milk and almond oil left my very dry skin feeling silky smooth and full of moisture. It maybe a little pricey but it is well worth it!" - Wendy D.

"The Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor glides along my skin smoothly and leaves a nice moisturized fell. I love the thick handle because it's easy to hold and manipulate the razor. I also love the coconut and almond oil scent which is not too overwhelming. The little suction holder is useful so that I can hang up the razor after I am done. Overall, I would recommend the razor." - Areta W.

Reviews are in order from the time they were received. That's how numbers were decided and a winner was chosen.


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