Playtex SmartSpace Drying Rack Review

I'm a huge Playtex customer. I've been using them for years and was really excited to try a few items from their SmartSpace line. Today I'm reviewing their SmartSpace Drying Rack. The drying rack is made to save you counter space while still letting your bottles, cups, nipples, etc. dry the hygienic way while still saving you space. This worked out so great for me as I don't have that much counter space and even if I did, it's nice to know that the rack wouldn't take up much room. 

I love this product, just the fact that I can make it bigger or smaller for counter space is nice. I love the drying pads that come with it as well. I also love that the rack is dishwasher safe and that it holds quite a bit of stuff. I was able to add a mixture of sippy cups, bottles and much more at the same time. I was also very impressed that it came with a spot for the smart brush to go which made it easier for me to use and keep everything together.

The Playtex® SmartSpace™ Drying Rack is available at all major retailers and pharmacies across Canada for a suggested retail price of $19.99

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Playtex SmartSpace Drying Rack at no cost for the purpose of sharing this review. No compensation was received.


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