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As a mother, a person who works from home, who is also a blogger, I'm always on the go meeting new people. Whether it's parents from school, after-school activities, reps from different companies or just talking to mutual friends and family members, I'm always interacting and communicating with new people in some way. One thing I always make sure to have in my purse to hand out is my business cards. When I tell people that I blog they're always curious to know how it works and where they can find me online.

(Definitely in need of new & updated cards) 

Keeping my business cards handy has helped me a lot and I have to thank VistaPrint for that because they're the ones who printed out my cards for me. They're affordable, with high quality card stock and always do a great job printing out my orders. I've never had any problems with anything I've purchased from them.

Another thing that I love is getting good deals with VistaPrint. Not only do they always offer you a set of business cards for free when you first order from them, but they also have different deals going on all the time with all of their products.

They not only sell customized business cards, they also have pens, shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, day planners and so much there. Deals on these items come perfect especially during the holidays as a gift for a friend or family. Two years ago my sister in law created a personalized calendar for my in laws that had pictures of all of their kids and grand-kids. It was not only personal and meant a lot to them, but it saved my sister in law money as well since all she had to pay for was the shipping. You can't beat that! If you're looking for something for yourself or as a gift and have a small budget to work with, VistaPrint is definitely something you should look at!
Disclosure: This post is compensated. Although this post has generously been sponsored all opinions are my own. 

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