Family Dinner at Mandarin Restaurant @eatmandarin

Over the weekend the hubby, kids and I took a trip to London. I absolutely love going to this beautiful city because there is so much to do and see. It's a couple hours away from where we live, so when we go to visit we try and make an entire day out of it. We got to go shopping, visit a few friends and for dinner we headed on over to the Mandarin Restaurant, a restaurant that had some of the bests fresh food served there with over 100 different dishes, it was incredible. Have you ever been there? 

We were invited there to enjoy them for their dinner menu and let me tell you, being that this was our first time visiting,  I know the next time we are in London we will definitely be back there again to enjoy it. Not only does the Mandarin have a selection of food to enjoy, but they also have some of the best staff members there as well. I was very impressed with how the staff was around to ask everyone if they needed anything or if they were okay. 

When you first come in you are seated and then your server asks you if you've ever been to the restaurant before and continues to explain to you not only the different selections of the food they serve, but they also let you know where the rest rooms are and let you know that they are there if you need them, which they certainly were. They also handed us warm towels so that we could keep our hands clean, which was a great touch. I loved that they weren't too overbearing and always came around when you needed your plate removed or a refill on your beverage you were drinking. The room that we were in had three servers coming around to check on every table, Gayla, Andrew and Alice. They were very friendly and to be honest some of the best staff members I've ever interacted with at a restaurant. Another thing I noticed and loved about the Mandarin staff was that after a family was done eating and left, they not only just clean off the table, but replaced the table cloth as well.   

Now let's get on to just how delicious the food there was. Not only was it fresh, but they had such a wonderful variety for any and everyone, this is definitely a place that the entire family can go and enjoy a night out together. From Sushi to Ribs, Friend Chicken and Crab Legs, there was definitely something for us all to enjoy, especially with our little picky eaters. I personally loved their Spicy Chicken. It was cooked to perfection. My hubby loved their ribs and the kiddos loved their chicken balls. 

They also had a variety of drinks as well. And I absolutely loved that they had drinks that made my little ones feel special too. The hubby got to have a beer, I enjoyed a nice cocktail and the kids had blueberry lemonade, which was delicious!

The kids enjoyed one plate and soon wanted to hurry up to the huge selection of desserts the Mandarin had and as for the hubby and I, we enjoyed a couple plates before we took the kids to the dessert table. The different variety of desserts they have was just as big of a selection as the different dinner options. There was so much! 

We had a great time there and I've already been letting friends and family know about the restaurant and how they need to try it. I definitely look forward to visiting the Mandarin again.
 Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received five vouchers for the Mandarin Restaurant in exchange for an honest review through our ad network, SheBlogsMedia, for Mandarin Restaurant.


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