Turn Something Old Into Something New w/ Honey Nut Cheerios #HNCHeartyOatCrunch (25 Free Boxes Available!)

Reusing something old and turning it into something new seems to be the new trend now and days. This is what we call, Up-cycling. Not only am I seeing this being done throughout many different blogs, but I've been enjoying doing the same thing too and so have the teachers at my kids school this year.

We've always been the type to recycle. When the school started asking for empty egg cartons, plastic bottles, etc., I had no idea what exactly they would be using them for but new it had something to do with crafts. My daughter came home for Mother's Day with a painted mason jar and flowers for me and she also reused her pop bottle to make it a flashy new water bottle. I think both turned out adorable.

I've been enjoying up-cycling a little too much these days. I've been saving all of my Starbucks bottles so that I can later keep them as vases for decoration. I've seen many bloggers do this on Pinterest my collection of bottles is growing. All I need now is to paint them and add some nice flowers, which I plan on doing soon.

Another thing I've been doing is reusing my empty tuna cans. After I washed and cleaned them I keep my used Scentsy bars in them. It worked out great because when I want to reuse these scents all I have to do is cut a piece and add it to my Scentsy warmer. Since I've been on a washi-tape kick I thought it would look cute to dress the cans up. Don't they look nice? ;)

We're not the only ones turning something old into something new, our good friends at General Mills has turned Honey Nut Cheerios into something even more delicious, Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch. This cereal is the bomb.com! (I've been wanting to say that for a while, lol) It's not too sweet, but is filled with lots of clusters along with oat flakes. It's absolutely delicious and didn't last long in my house at all. Between the kids and the hubby, it was gone in no time.

But don't just take my word for it. The wonderful people over at General Mills is letting me give away 25 free boxes! All you have to do is click HERE! The first 25 to fill out the sheet will be able to enjoy this delicious cereal for free!

Don't worry if you're not one of the 25, if you miss out from our link you still have a chance to receive a free box through a coupon on the Life Made Delicious Facebook Page redeemable on July 16th, 2013.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills, and received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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