20 Random Facts About Me!

I had a goal with Just Us Girls for the year of 2013. It was to start posting more personal stuff about myself so that my readers can get to know me a bit better...... Here we are six months into the year and I've failed big time. I've been so busy with sharing reviews on products that I got side tracked again. WHOOPS, MY BAD! I do want to point out that I have started sharing recipes, DIY posts and Thirsty Thursdays again so I'm almost getting back on track, just sayin'! ;)

So here I am ready to share with you all 20 random facts about myself, Me, LaQuita, creator and main blogger of Just Us Girls. Here goes nothing!

1. I was born and raised in California.
2. Met my Canadian hubby in California, fell in love, got married and moved to Canada, where we currently live.
3. I'm the second oldest of eight kids. 
4. My favorite TV show as a teen was Dawson's Creek and now it's Vampire Diaries. (Same teen drama, just mix in some Vampires now, lol)
5. My favorite color is Purple, but I never wear it. 
6. I always say my favorite food is lasagna, but I'd take tacos, burritos and enchiladas over it any day of the week.
7. I love to hosts social parties for any and every occasion.
8. My all time favorite boy band growing up was N'Sync, now my favorite artist is Justin Timberlake.
9. All time favorite movie will forever be Pretty Woman.
10. I despise Mayo, but will eat my parent's potato salad and tuna salad. I know weird. My hubby has tried to get me to eat it for years now. 
11. My favorite series of book is currently The Watersong Series by Amanda Hocking. If you haven't read any of them, get on it, it's worth it!
12. My favorite song right now is, "Pusher Love Girl," by Justin Timberlake
13. I come from a huge family. My mom has 12 siblings and my dad has 5.
14. I'm a lover of wine and Skinnygirl cocktails.
15. At age 13 my mom gave me a surprise birthday party. It worked and I was shocked and then she kept throwing them for the next three years, lol. 
16. I've worked from home as a transcriber for the last eight years.
17. In order for me to enjoy a bubble bath I have to first take a shower so that I'm clean, lol. 
18. My kids can make me laugh more than most people.
19. I love dancing, but think I'm horrible at it.
 20. I some times say things without speaking, which my husband always makes fun of me for. I've told him to make a twitter for Sh*t My Wife Says, but it's already taken, lol.   

I hope you all enjoyed my 20 random facts! I plan on doing more posts like this soon!  


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