Save the Date: Valentines 2012 @EdenFantasys

I can't believe how quickly February came. I'm now thinking of gifts, plans, etc. for myself and the hubby to do this year. It doesn't help that we've both been sick for the last week. *Knocks on wood* Hopefully we'll be able to celebrate this Valentines with a bit of one on one time that doesn't include tissues, neo citran and cough syrup.

Speaking of Valentines Day, Eden Fantasy, has some great coupons up and running right now where they have up to 30% off on your purchase.
The above codes expire February 10th.

 Now, some of you who are thinking, "Eden Fantasy, isn't that an adult store?" Yes, it is. But they not only sale toys for you and your honey.They also have beauty and body products like makeup, bath and body, items for massages, fragrances and skincare items. One of the good things is they're all inexpensive to purchase. Take their lip balms for example

You can purchase these for $4.99 and all in different flavors. I've purchased the cocoa butter lip balm before in the past and loved it. My husband loves that it's not like lip gloss, so when I kiss him with it on it didn't leave his lips feeling sticky, he hates that. 

Another one of my favorites from Eden Fantasys is their Geisha's Secret Collection Sensual Kit, which comes with a few different items at a low and inexpensive price.

Geisha's secrets collection - Sensual kit \
It comes with a feather tickler, an oil massage, bath gel, edible powder and a few other things. I've bought this a couple of times at a few Eden Fantasy parties a few friends have thrown. It's perfect for Valentine's Day. They also have a bigger kit which I've been wanting to try for a while now. 

The best part about Eden Fantasys is that they carry themselves in a classy way, unlike some other adult stores you may have heard of, been to or purchased from. So stop by and take a look, you won't be disappointed.


Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I'm affiliated with Eden Fantasys, "Eden Loves Bloggers Program."


  1. Wait a minute - am I at the right site?!? I love your redesign - so cute! Is this permanent or just for February?!

  2. I have shopped at EdenFantasys. They have some real cute pj's plus I get my knee highs from there. Nothing says I can't feel good when I'm sleeping too lol

  3. Ohhh love your look, I'll have to check it out

  4. LOVE the re-design too!!!

    and hmm! will need to check them out, they keep pitching me! lol

  5. That kit looks fun, just sayin'!

  6. Looks like a great kit for a Valentines day date with DH! lol