Like A Boss Blu-ray Review

Best friends, Mia and Mel (Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne) are living their best lives, running their own cosmetics company until a villainous beauty mogul (Salma Hayek) conspires to steal it from under them. When her devious plan drives the besties apart, Mia and Mel learn that sticking together is the only way to turn the tables and take their company back. The beauty business is about to get ugly. The film also stars Jennifer Coolidge and Billy Porter.

What do you get when you put Tiffany Hadish, Rose Byrne and Salma Hayek together in one movie, straight comedy! I'm a huge fan of all three ladies in this film, so I was really excited when I got a chance to watch Like A Boss. This movie will have you laughing and keeping you entertained from beginning to the end. Not only was I sent the movie, but I was also sent a few Like A Boss themed goodies that included a compact mirror and an overnight kit, similar to the one they talk about and mention in the movie. 

Mia and Mel have been best friends since they were kids, so it seemed natural for them to open up a cosmetic company together as Mia is a talented makeup artist and Mel is the brains behind the business part of the company. Right a way you can tell both these ladies love to have fun, Mia more so than Mel and we also learn that their business is in financial trouble as Mia loves to help out people buy giving them discounts to their store and her clients she does makeup for. Mel, who is more of the brains of the operation hates confrontation. She hates telling anyone bad news, so it takes her a bit to let Mia know how much financial trouble their company really is in and why they go introduce themselves to Claire Luna, a well known, millionaire in the cosmetic business. If they can get her to pay their debt for a small percentage of their company, will it work out? 

Salma Hayek as Claire Luna is unrecognizable. From her contact lens, hair colour and teeth, you wouldn't believe that it's Salma Hayek underneath. Claire is a business woman who wants to remain at the top of the cosmetics in the world, so she agrees to help the ladies by wiping out their debt, but at a cost that if their friendship ends or something goes wrong she will get a bigger cut and will own the majority of their company. Not only do they all agree to the deal, but Claire is on a mission to make sure these best friends turn on one another and make them reevaluate themselves, their friendship and their company they built together from the ground up. Through ups and downs we see these two ladies pull through and come back together, because that's what true best friends do, and show Claire where she can shove it.

This movie was so much fun to watch and definitely made me miss my best friend even more and appreciate our friendship, especally now with whats going on in the world due to Covid-19. You can find Like A Boss available now on digital, bly-ray and DVD. For more information about this movie, be sure to head over to Paramount Pictures.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Like A Boss and goodies on blu-ray at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. 


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