Band Ladies Season One Review #BandLadies

With the world still practicing social distancing, like many of you, I've been home juggling the kids school work on top of making sure they're doing okay mentally and still trying to run my household and keep it somewhat decent looking while trying to keep sane myself. I have to admit, there have been multiple times where I've cried from feeling overwhelmed from it all and just wanted to hangout with my girlfriends and vent, laugh, cry over a glass of wine.

Although we're not able to do that in person, I've been fortunate enough to have a group of girlfriends I chat with daily and we've done videochat ladies night in a few times during this quarantine, which has helped so much. It's always nice when you get to just laugh and chat with your girlfriends and I can't wait for the day when we can do that again in person.

I mention my girlfriends and I because I recently got to watch season one of the new webseries, Band Ladies, which starts streaming tonight, May 13th, at 6pm EST on the new streaming service, Highball.TV.

The show is about five middle aged women getting together for their monthly book club meetings and on a night where they have their meeting at a bar, they have a bit too much to drink, start to open up about the problems and regrets going on in their life and start to let loose. And by let loose, I mean, they all get the courage to get on stage and start rocking out and singing about their problems not knowing that they are being recorded and their video would be uploaded online for people to see. This gives them the courage to turn their book club into a punk band, but not without consequences for one of the ladies and her job.

Band Ladies is a female-driven, original web series about five women: Marnie, an uptight homemaker, Chloe, a disillusioned lawyer, Cindy,a desperate artist, Penny, an infertile millionaire and Stephanie, a love-sick flake. The show consists of six episodes that are about 10 minutes each.


UPTIGHT HOMEMAKER - MARNIE (Played by Kate Fenton) A helicopter mom yearning to take control of something more impactful than a bake sale or a Pinterest page. She sets a hurricane inmotion when her honesty inspires the book club to become the BAND LADIES. Empowered by speaking her truth, Marnie starts to push the limits in her relationships. The fragility of Marnie’s marriage and family dynamic is tested when she has to decide if her new awak-ening can exist in the strict mold that used to house her. Can Marnie really have it all or will she have to choose between the people sheloves and becoming the person that she really wants to be?

DISILLUSIONED LAWYER - CHLOE (Played by Lisa Michelle Cornelius) An electric high-profile Defense Attorney who finds her career skyrocketing while her integrity plummets. The moral compass that used to guide her has eroded after years in ‘Big Business’ and she finds herself unable to defend her choices and her clients. Defined by her career success, Chloe has an identity crisis when she is forced to step away from her all-encompassing work. As making music revives her inner anarchist, Chloe becomes a ‘breakout star’ as the band gains popularity. Can Chloe maintain some balance as she navigatesher new found fame or will her competitive edge force her to self destruct?

MIGSUIDED MANIPULATOR - CINDY (Played by Vicki Kim) A bartender at a local music venue, Cindy is a struggling musician on the outside looking in. Buried in debt with no real stability, Cindy means well but often makes the wrong moves. The band becomes her lifeline as she throws herself full force into making it a success.Some questionable decision-making begets a pattern of lies that cause more trouble than anyone could have predicted. Scrambling to keep her secrets, can Cindy navigate the band’s success or will she have made so much of a mess in the process that the BAND LADIES split and leave her to clean it all up?

INFERTILE FIRECRACKER - PENNY (Played by Dana Puddicombe) A glorious imposter and well-kept society staple, Penny is a self made Millionaire whose devoted all of her energy and resources into having a baby. A string of miscarriages put Pennys plan for children at a standstill, encouraging decadence and frivolity as she feeds her ego and labido. Penny is handsome, horny and game, making for great adventures on the road, but Penny hits a pothole when she accidentally gets exactly what she’s always wanted. Can Penny follow through or is she as deluded about what she wants as she is about what she needs?

LOVESICK FLAKE - STEPHANIE (Played by Kirsten Rasmussen) A serial monogamist suddenly alone, she’s worked for none of what she had and now has nothing. Crippled by a stability shaking break-up, Stephanie tries to pick up the pieces of her life as she unsuccessfully avoids her ex and unabashedly drowns her sorrows in booze. In the band, she finds the purpose she’s been mercilessly charged with lacking and the independence to fight for the band but as she finds her footing, can Stephanie come clean with the lies she tells herself.

This show definitely made me miss my girlfriends even more and reminded me of the show, Working Moms. It also gave me a small vibe of the hit show, Sex in the City, given no sex, but focusing on the ladies getting their band together, rocking out and discovering true friendship while dealing with their regrets in life and realizing it's not too late to reinvent yourself, no matter how old you are. 

I absoutely loved all of the characters and right now my favorite is Marnie. Out of all of the characters, I feel like she is the one that has come out of her shell the most and has grown the most throughout the season. Like her, I too am a homemaker and it can be a lot to juggle a husband, being a mom, keeping up with all the housework and trying hard to make sure that in the midst of it all you don't loose yourself. 

I would recommend this series to all of my girlfriends looking for a quick show to watch, you binge the entire season in one hour. I can't wait until season two comes out to see the second chapter of Band Ladies! For more information about Band Ladies you can follow them on online on Highball.TVInstagram, Facebook and Twitter

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received screener access to season one of Band Ladies at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. 


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