The LEGO Book of Bedtime Builds Book Review #HolidayGiftGuide

My husband, Tony, has been doing Ryanne's (our youngest child's) bedtime story for the last two years since my work schedule doesn't permit me to do it. This is the first child of our four kids he has ever regularly done story-time with, so when we received The LEGO Book of Bedtime Builds from DK Canada, we thought a fully interactive story-time seemed like a great, new and innovative idea. 

The book is great for screen-free activities to do together with your little ones. This innovative LEGO® bedtime book includes eight adventures to build, play, and read, and it comes with LEGO bricks and instructions to make eight exclusive mini LEGO models. The LEGO® Book of Bedtime Builds is perfect for creative, screen-free wind-down time before bed.

Since my husband is the one who does bedtime, here is what he had to say about the book, "We call Ryanne our little builder monkey, she loves to create new things. She made tables and chairs for dolls and toys out of boxes for tea parties before she even reached 2 years old. She has plastic building blocks and wooden building blocks that she uses daily and always she tells us a story about what she built. This allowed me to get a first-hand look at how her amazing little mind works. We had so much fun."

Choose and build your LEGO model. Then read the story together and decide what happens next. When it's time to sleep, the mini model and story will inspire exciting dreams. The next night, take apart the mini model and choose another adventure to build and read together. Convenient brick storage and packaging make for easy building at home or on the go. Includes easy-to-follow building instructions, bricks, and stories featuring a pirate ship, dinosaur, robot, bird, castle, elephant, spider, and spaceship.

Ryanne and her dad built the first figure together but she was able to build the figures completely on her own with little to no need for help from her dad as well which left her feeling successful and independent. 

The models are cute. Ryanne's favorite was the castle. I can recommend this product to any parent but especially those parents of the builder kids whose imaginations are limitless and the love of creating runs deep. This would make a great gift this holiday season. Retailing at $25.99, you can head to DK Canada now to purchase online and to find where you can buy this book locally.

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Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above book at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received


  1. Thanks fo r ther the great review. My kiddos would love this. I chose it as the book I'd like to win in the DK Books twitter contest.

    1. So glad you liked the review and that you entered the contest! Fingers crossed you win the book!