Klutz Grow Your Own Crystals: Unicorn & Narwhal Review #HolidayGiftGuide

My girls absolutely love to craft, so when we received both the Unicorn and Narwhal Grow Your Own Crystal kits from Klutz, I knew this would be a fun activity for us all to do together. This fun science kit grabbed my daughters attention quite quickly. The packaging was colourful and appealing to the eye! They argued over who got the unicorn and narwhal then we were ready to go!

With this kit you and your child can create their own sparkly, crystal-covered narwhal and unicorn! 
The instruction manual is very well presented with easy to follow instructions. The first step was to insert the pipe cleaners and assemble the creature. The set provides the basic pieces to create the crystal animal however it requires a lot of other pieces that you must provide on your own. We had to make a quick trip to the dollar store to purchase the other necessities for this science experiment which included mason jars, metal spoons, and tongs. 

The box does state that the set contains harmful chemicals and that it should not be used by children unless under adult supervision however the instruction manual states that any utensils that come into contact with the crystal solution needs to be disposed of. It also stated that it should not be created in any space where anyone eats or sleeps because it is aluminium potassium sulphate that it contains. 

Since both my girls are under the recommended age they assisted with the initial assembly of the unicorn and narwhal but the rest was done in the garage by my husband. We showed the kids each stage as it was occurring and the 20 page book included had lots of useful information sharing the science behind the magic.

The entire project took 4 days to complete and the finished product is quite interesting with all the crystals that form on the pipe cleaners. The girls loved how their unicorn and narwhal turned out. Not only is there unicorn and narwhal, but Klutz also has Grow Your Own Crystals with also a dragon and fox. 

If you have kiddos who love arts and crafts, this Grow Your Own Crystals kit would be a great gift to give them this holiday season. The kit is retailed at $12.99 and you can head over to their website now to order online or to find out where you can purchase this kit locally.
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Klutz Grow Your Own Crystal Unicorn and Narwhal kits at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. 


  1. Would make great gifts! I know a few grandkids that would love a kit or 2!

    1. We think so too, Silvia! We love all of Klutz craft kits. Less screen time and more hands on craft time is always great to have!