Baby Alive: Happy Hungry Baby Review #HolidayGiftGuide

Like most five year old little girls, one thing that my youngest loves to do is pretend to be mommy. Now, whether it's being mommy to her baby dolls or trying to be mommy to her older siblings, I'm pretty sure my little noodle, Bailey, has the basics of taking care of others down. Although she does get a kick out of trying to tell her older siblings what to do, Bailey absolutely loves playing with all of her baby dolls and taking care of them. When she gets a new doll the first thing she does is try to figure out a name for them. After that she makes sure that doll has a place in the "crib," where all her other dolls sleep when it comes to bedtime.

One of her favorite things to play while in class at school is the house centre where you can pretend to bake, cook, and take care of a household. This is why I know that Bailey is going to absoutely love the new Baby Alive: Happy Hungry Baby from Hasbro that we were sent a few weeks back. This will be her first baby alive doll that wasn't past down to her and that she can name, feed and change all on her own!

Aimed for children three and up, Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby includes the doll, feeding tray, bib, 2 powdered doll foods, 2 diapers, bowl, sippy cup, interactive spoon, comb, and instructions. Happy Hungry Baby captures the joy and messiness of feeding time! Your little one can put baby's bib on and sit her at her feeding tray while they mix up her favorite food. When you offer baby her spoon, she’ll open wide, giggle, move, and ask for more! When she’s ""all done!” give her a sippy cup. Uh-oh! Time to change baby's diaper! I'm really excited to see Bailey's reaction to this Baby Alive and to see how well she does with feeding and changing the doll's diaper.

With over 50 real baby sounds and phrases, realistic doll expressions, a special interactive spoon, 2 doll food packets, bib, sippy cup, and 2 diapers (additional food packets and diapers sold separately), this adorable baby doll makes feeding and changing time feel oh-so-real and oh-so-FUN for both little mommies and daddies!

With my little one's love for playing pretend mommy, I just know when she opens up this gift over the holidays she will absolutely love it. Baby Alive: Happy Hungry Baby is retailed for $69.99 and comes in blonde, brunette or black hair. This set is available in stores and online now, just in time for the holidays. For more information about where to purchase this set, be sure to head over to Hasbro now. 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Baby Alive: Happy Hungry Baby at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. 


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