Taking Stride & Sharing Stories w/ Schick Hydro Silk! (@HydroSilkCA)

It's been almost a week since Mother's Day has past us. It was such an amazing day feeling so loved and appreciated by my hubby and kids. Not only did I pick up the phone to wish both my mom and sisters a Happy Mother's Day, but it made me realize how many wonderful women I had in my life growing up and still do have in my life. From my grandmother, to my many aunts and a few different women I have now who I'm lucky to call friends.

My grandmother was a huge part of my life. I got to spend 18 years of my life with her before she passed away (12 years ago) and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about her or still talk to her when I'm having one of my days where I just want to crawl in bed and cry. She was such an amazing woman who I looked up to. She not only had 13 kids, but she was also a woman who worked two jobs, came home and still made sure her kids were taken care of. Not only did she take care of her kids, but she also took care of those who were in need. I strive every single day to be more like her. She was and still is a role model I look up to.

So, my question to you, my lovely readers, is when was the last day you appreciated a woman in your life when it didn't fall on a holiday? When did you last pick up the phone or tell a woman in your life face to face that she's doing an amazing job being a mom or that she's appreciated and loved?

In honor of all women who take stride in their every day lives, Schick Hydro Silk is inviting Canadians to share stories about the women in our lives who mean the world to us in an online gallery called, Taking Strides, Sharing Stories. The gallery gives women a chance to post inspiring stories about themselves or a woman they know as well as share these stories on their social media pages to encourage others to do the same.

What I love most about this campaign, other then sharing inspiring stories, is that for every story or image shared in this gallery, $1.00 will be donated to a Women's Mental Health Program. Along with the donation being made once you share a story in the gallery, you'll also be automatically entered to win a trip for two to Costa Rica! How amazing is that?

The Taking Strides, Sharing Stories Gallery goes live, May 22nd across Canada, but you can be one of the first to share your story in the gallery now by leaving a comment below sharing your story about a woman in your life. You'll not only be able to see your story once the gallery goes live, but you'll also be automatically entered in our giveaway to win a $40 Schick Prize Pack just for leaving a comment.

I'm looking forward to reading about all the many different inspiring and loving women in your life.
Disclosure: Compensation was received in exchange of sharing about the Taking Strides, Sharing Stories Gallery, but All opinions are my own.


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