Favorite/Celebrate @ChoozeShoes Review & Giveaway

My little girls is definitely a girly girl who takes after her mama. She loves clothes and absolutely loves shoes that make her stand out and be unique among her group of friends. That's why I was pretty excited to get a pair of Favorite/Celebrate shoes in a size 13 from Chooze. These shoes fit her just right and she has already received a few compliments on them. Chooze Shoes are skillfully designed for toddlers, kids and women.

Not only are these shoes unique and look pretty awesome, but they have definitely been the shoes that she's picked to wear these last couple of weeks. First off, she loves that they are opposite of one another. One is dark pink and one is light pink, but you can tell that they go together. She loves that one has heart designs and the other has stars and that both shoe laces are different colors. They're bright, unique, easy to put on and comfortable for her every day play. These shoes are perfect now that Spring has arrived.

What I love most about these shoes is that they aren't like your average shoes and allow my daughter to have confidence in wearing them because they are a unique, just like she is. I also love that Chooze Shoes are made with 100% cotton and how easy they are for her to put on. She just slips them on and off without a problem. Another thing I love is that she doesn't have to worry about tripping over her shoe lace while playing. The laces are knotted at the end so that there is no need to tie them in the first place, which is great for kids who run around and play a lot, especially outside.

The fabric is very soft and breathable and the soles are strong and durable for both indoor and outdoor play, which is great because I have a feeling these will be her go to shoes for the Summer when playing with her friends outside. They've lasted so far while she's been wearing them at school, I'm confident that they'll last her throughout the Summer as well.

All of the materials in Chooze Shoes are vegan and cruelty-free, which is amazing. There are so many different uniquely designed shoes that they have designed for your little ones and for yourself. They can let their imagination run wild with Chooze. I love that you could easily mix and match them up with another pair of Chooze Shoes and not have to worry if they go with the one another. They look cool enough that any kid can definitely pull them off.

One thing I learned about Chooze Shoes is that at the end of each year they invest their profits in anti-poverty programs that provides training, support, education and loans to women to start their own business and get themselves out of poverty. I love to support any company who is willing to give back to others in need and Chooze definitely does just that. When your kids are wearing Chooze Shoes, they're not only wearing a cool pair of shoes, but they are also helping other kids live better lives.
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received a pair of Chooze Shoes at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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