My New Music Obsession: Walk Off The Earth

I recently have fell in love and somewhat obsessed with a new band, Walk Off The Earth. I first heard of  them earlier this week while watching Ellen. She finds some awesome people on youtube and they are no doubt awesome. I immediately looked them up after watching the show and found their youtube channel and checked out more of their music. Not only are their covers good, but their original songs are amazing as well. Oh and one of the best parts is they're a Canadian band, woot-woot!

These kids are seriously talented and I've been listening to their music ALL WEEK LONG! So please hit the play button and watch these two covers that they performed, you won't be disappointed. Also you can check them out on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and find them on Itunes.

~ LaQuita

PS - We will return next week with an awesome edition of Thirsty Thursday, I promise!