A Healthy Start w/ PopChips & Giveaway

If you follow me on twitter you'll remember that I got an awesome package over the holidays from PopChips.
If you're not familiar with  PopChips,  they are potatoes that are never fried or baked. They're popped using heat and pressure. They have no fake colors, no fake flavors and no preservatives. And, they're delicious! I was sent a box full of most of their flavors, Original, Barbeque, Sour Creme and Onion, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Salt and Pepper and Cheddar.

Before getting this opportunity I had never tried PopChips, but had heard of them from other blogs, Ashton Kutcher's twitter page and a few friends. I thought this was a great opportunity since the New Year was around the corner and one of my goals, not resolutions, but goals is to eat healthier and substitute unhealthier foods when I can. PopChips is a perfect substitute if you want a healthier snack on a Friday night while watching a movie or if you host a get together, having them out for guests instead of chips is a win win for everyone. I did this for our New Year's Eve Party we had and got a lot of good responses. Everyone loved them. We literally had one bag left the next morning. My favorite out of all the flavors is Sour Cream and Onion, the hubby's was Sea Salt and Vinegar. Both kids loved them as well. I was glad that my family and I enjoyed them, I was afraid the kids wouldn't because our family are chip people. We buy chips for parties, for movie nights, for just about anything. Since knowing that the entire family loved PopChips, I have been slowly buying them to replace the chips we usually eat. The kids haven't noticed, woo-hoo!

With the help of the awesome people over at PopChips, I was able to interview Registered Nutritionist, Food Coach and Author, Theresa Albert, who has been seen on the Food Network Canada, Yummy Mummy Club and a numerous amount of other places. Here is our interview below:

JUG: New Year Resolutions/Goals are so hard to stick with, do you have any tips on making them work when it comes to losing weight?
 TA: My blog outlines my tips including popchips… http://www.myfriendinfood.com/2012/01/02/dieting-tricks/

JUG: Do you have any specific precautions for females who want to work out?  
TA: Working out should be approached wisely and with a pro if possible. There is nothing worse than being gung-ho, sustaining an injury and setting yourself back!  Take a few group weights classes to get the proper techniques under your belt before you go it on your own. And you DO want to add weights to your regime! Muscle burns fat and we lose it steadily as we age. The only way to maintain weight after 40 is to build muscle and manage calorie intake.

JUG: How much exercise should you get in a week?
TA: Ideally you want between 30 and 60 minutes per day.  The sweet spot, as I mention in my book, Ace Your Health, is between 1500-2400 calories burned from vigorous exercise per week.  There are loads of ways to accomplish that, the trick is to find that way that works within your schedule. Frequent 15 minute bursts throughout the day? 15 minutes each morning plus 2 or 3 long runs? Whatever it takes!

JUG: How much fat should one consume in a day?
TA: Ideally between 20-30 % of your calorie intake can be fat.  That normally works out to 2 tbsps per day and no more. The trick is to save those fat calories for the “good fats” from nuts, extra virgin oils and avocado and reduce the amount from snack foods and other bad sources. This is why I like popchips so much. If you are craving a crispy chip, there is no reason to blow your whole day’s worth of fat on one small bowl of traditional fried chips. 

JUG: How many carbohydrates should one consume in a day? 
TA: Again, it is more about the source of carbs than the amount.  You what whole grains as often as possible and no more than 4-5 ½ cup servings when you are trying to lose weight. Once you lose it, you can increase that amount appropriately.

JUG: What do you consider one of the most important nutrients for the body to have in order to be fit and healthy? 
TA: No one nutrient is a magic bullet but I do think we need to focus on omega 3 fats from fish and nuts more than we do.  It’s anti-inflammatory powers and preventative benefits are well studied.

JUG: What’s the worst thing you can do when dieting/trying to lose weight?
TA: Starve yourself! HUNGER is THE ENEMY. Human beings are designed to consume fuel and human nature means a backlash will come if you deny yourself all the time.  You need to set up your own reward system so that you can eat great, low cal food most of the time and indulge in something you love that is delicious. That itch will be scratched. Better if you do it consciously. 


Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received a few samples of PopChips at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. A big thank you to PopChips for providing the giveaway and to Theresa Albert for the interview!

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