Craft Room Design Ideas to Boost Creativity

 Any serious crafters will know that they need to have a craft room that means business! If you are a keen crafter, then it isn’t just the dream; you will actually have so many supplies and materials that you need to store them all somewhere. This kind of hobby does need to have its own dedicated space, and as a bonus, it can be a way to decorate just how you’d like to and have your materials and supplies organized just as you’d like to. As any creative knows, having a blank space for something can be quite alarming, as there are just so many options. So how about trying out some of these craft room ideas? It would be great to hear what you think.

Organized Space
If you are a keen crafter, then you will know that nothing can beat an organized system. If things aren’t organized, it can mean projects take longer as you try to remember what is where and have to look through boxes and boxes of things to get what you need. You could consider custom storage to create space right where you need it. You could also think about getting plenty of storage with drawers so that everything can be in place and labels can be attached so you know exactly what goes where.

Adjustable Shelving
Your current craft loves may be cross-stitch or scrapbooking, but what about in a year’s time? Will you have moved onto another craft? It can be a good idea to prepare your craft area for your different interests, and you can do this by using shelving that is adjustable. Then you can make the spaces wider if needed, to occupy larger boxes, or make the shelving closer together if you need to free up space underneath.

Comfortable Environment
Having a craft room that is comfortable is another important aspect to the design. You want to enjoy your time there, and will no doubt, be spending a number of hours in there too. The table and chairs that you choose play an important part, as well as other aspects like the lighting and the temperature. When you have natural light, as well as lots of bright light from lamps, you will be able to craft in there late into the night without your eyes having to strain. Getting the temperature right is key too, especially in the summer months. That can be why having the number of a 24 hour AC service on-hand can be a good idea, just in case anything needs repairing quickly. Your craft space should look good, but also be comfortable and desirable.

Use All Surfaces
Crafting queens can have a large amount of materials to store, and when a project is in full-swing, you can need a lot of space. Make sure that you use all the surfaces that are available in your design. A pegboard or noticeboard could go in a corner of the room to pin things too, as well as the floor being used for storage units. Tabletops can have organizers on, as well as machines like computers or sewing machines. Use all the space that you have and you won’t be short on space.


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