The Advantages of Wearing Glasses

Wearing glasses hasn’t always been popular or cool. When we were kids, many of us hated the idea of wearing glasses, and we’d all heard someone at school teased because of their eyesight. Many people that wore glasses as children in the 90’s rushed out to get contact lenses as soon as they were able. 

But, times have changed. Many of our favourite celebrities, academics, and fashionistas have been spotted proudly wearing their specs. More designers than ever offer ranges of trendy frames and wearing glasses has over time become cool. 

So much so that many stores are selling clear lenses as well as prescription options so that the perfectly sighted among us can get in on the trend. 

Believe it or not, there are many advantages to wearing specs. Some obvious, others not so. Let’s take a look at some of them, as well as some tips to help you to find the right pair. 

They’ll Improve Your Vision
The most obvious benefit of wearing glasses is, of course, improved vision. If you’ve been struggling on without them, you might find that a pair of glasses can drastically enhance your sight, even if your prescription is relatively minor.

The Signs That You Need Glasses
The biggest sign that you need glasses to improve your vision is often that you can’t see things that you could previously. It’s usually a slow decline, and you might not notice straight away. The most common things we notice are not being able to read road signs as well when we are driving and having to squint to read things clearly at home. 

Other signs that you may need glasses might include tired, itchy eyes, headaches, difficulty focusing between different distances, trouble seeing when it gets dark, and discomfort when adjusting to dark and light. However minor, if you have any issues with your sight, it’s worth booking an eye test and taking the time to learn more about glasses and the different options you may have. 

How Often Should You Get Your Eyes Tested?

Adults should get their eyes tested by a professional optometrist every two years, even if they don’t wear glasses or have any sight issues. 

If you have prescription lenses, your optometrist might recommend more regular tests. Even if you’ve been tested within the last two years, you should book an appointment if you have noticed changes to your vision or have other concerns. 

Glasses are a Great Fashion Accessory
A relatively new advantage of wearing glasses is that they are a fantastic and highly sought-after accessory. The best thing about today’s reasonably inexpensive frames is that you can have different pairs to match different outfits or looks without breaking the bank. 

Change your glasses to match your mood, your hair, or other accessories, and don’t underestimate the power of a statement frame. 

People That Wear Glasses Look Smarter
You certainly don’t need glasses to be smart, or even to appear smart. But, they can give you a head start. Perhaps because of our school days, we tend to associate glasses with cleverness, and even now that glasses are so trendy, there’s a certain geek-chic quality to them. When you put your glasses on, you look and maybe even feel smarter.

Glasses Can Boost Your Confidence
That perceived intelligence can help you in another way too. We know that people think glasses wearers are more intelligent, and we use it to our advantage. If you’ve got an important meeting or interview, adding a pair of glasses, just like adding killer heels or wearing your favourite power suit, can help you to feel more confident, more powerful, and less anxious. 

The World Looks Sharper and More Beautiful
For some people, the deterioration of their sight is sudden and noticeable. But for most of us, it’s a very slow progression. When you get your first pair of spectacles, you might not have even noticed that things weren’t looking as clear as they used to. 

This often makes for a pleasant surprise when you put them on and go outside for the first time. Suddenly everything around you is clear and sharp. You can appreciate the views and scenery, and the world is crisp for the first time in a while. 

Other People May Find You More Approachable
People who wear glasses are perceived as being more intelligent, confident, and successful. This can make other people trust them more and want to talk to them. You might find that when you start to wear glasses, you become the person that other people ask for help, the stranger that people say hi to, and the friend that everyone confides in. This can be particularly useful if you work with people. 

Wearing Glasses Can Mean That You’ve Got More Energy
When your vision is impaired, your brain has to work much harder. Even something as simple as reading a sign or a label takes more effort, as your brain works harder to identify letters and make sense of what it can see. Over the course of a day, this can be exhausting. 

It’s not a magic fix, though. For the first few days, while you’ll be able to see more clearly, your brain will still be getting used to things and overcompensating. But, as soon as you get used to wearing your glasses, you should start to feel less fatigued and more energetic. 

Glasses Can Give You More Flexibility
A big question nowadays is often glasses or contacts? While they both have their own benefits, one thing that sets glasses apart is the flexibility that they give you. When you wear contacts, you need to know where you are going to bed and waking up or pack spares and solutions. You can’t go where your heart takes you. 

Glasses are worn all of the time and don’t need any specific care. This can allow you more flexibility and spontaneity. 

Wearing Glasses Can Make You More Memorable
We make first impressions, and we leap on something that helps us to remember someone. We’re not all great at remembering faces and names, and we meet multiple people every day. It’s hard. So, we subconsciously cling to things that make people easier to remember. This might be glasses, hair colour, a particularly striking facial feature, or something unusual about the person we met. 

If you have an interview with ten other equally qualified people, it might be your glasses that gets you remembered over everyone else. 

Glasses are Typically Cheaper than Contacts
Contact lenses are an appealing alternative. But, they don’t work for everyone, and they can be expensive. Even long wear lenses won’t last anywhere near as long as well-looked after glasses. 

Finding the Right Glasses

So, we’ve looked at all of the benefits of wearing glasses. But, your glasses will only be beneficial if you find the right pair. With so many options, it can be hard to choose. 

Get Your Eyes Tested
The first thing that you need to do is get your eyes tested. Frames might be the most attractive element of specs, but they aren’t the most important. Getting the right prescription is crucial if you want your glasses to help. Getting the wrong lenses can make your sight worse, cause headaches and other symptoms. 

Your optometrist will access your vision, look at the shape of your eyes, and any other issues you may have. 

Get the Right Lenses
Getting the right prescription is essential, but it’s not the only choice to make when it comes to lenses. You can add coatings to offer UV protection, prevent scratches, and provide other protections. These can improve your sight, protect your eyes, and help your glasses to last for longer. 

If you have a large prescription, you might also want to have your lenses thinned so that you’ve got a larger choice of frames and so that they feel more comfortable on your face. 

Get to Know Your Face
Now, you need to choose the frames. Different shaped frames suit different faces, and as much as you like a particular style, they might not be right for you. 

The first step is getting to know the shape of your face. We often make assumptions when it comes to our face shape, but the truth is, few of us really study our bone structures, and even if you had a round face at some point, your face changes as you age, just like any other part of you. 

Try Them on
Knowing what shape your face is and what style suit is a great start. But, at the end of the day, trying frames on is the best way to know if they suit you and if you like them. You can do this in person or even using a photograph. 

But, remember, we’re not always the best judge. Get a second opinion if you can. 

Consider Your Lifestyle
If you are going to be wearing your glasses all of the time, you should also consider your lifestyle. If you are very active, you should make sure they’ll stay on as you move around. If you are outdoorsy, you might also want to buy some prescription sunglasses. 


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