Getting Spooky This Halloween with Asmodee! (Review)

Whether you're taking your kids trick-or-treating this Halloween, going to a get-together, or staying home, we can all agree that Halloween 2020 definitely looks different than previous years. Whatever you do, just make sure you stay safe and follow safety procedures as we are still in a pandemic. 

This year my family and I  are coming together with our immediate family and getting together for a Monster Mash party at my sister-in-law's house. We've all stayed away from one another the last month and all of our kids are attending virtual school, so we've all been counting down the days that we can eat some delicious spooky inspired food, dress up in costumes and the best part, enjoy one another's company. 

With that being said, I was sent some fun boardgames from our friends at Asmodee Canada to play as an alternate way to celebrate Halloween. We were sent Mysterium Park, Carcassonne, and Tea for 2. These boardgames are a fun alternate way for families who want to skip the Trick-or-Treating or friends in the same social bubble to still get some scares and fun this Halloween.

Mysterium Park has many secrets to hide...Grave secrets! The park’s director has disappeared. Since then, strange events occur. You and your team of psychics decide to reveal the truth. Once on the fairgrounds, the ghost of the director communicates with you. With his help, will you be able to find the killer and scene of the crime?

Mysterium Park was such a fun game! The game is recommended for players ages 10+ and you can play with 2 to 6 players. The hubby, teens, and I played last weekend and we had a blast. My oldest son is into the supernatural, so this game was right up his alley as we all got to play as psychics to find out what really happened that night before the carnival leaves again. The rules were simple and easy to follow and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we got into character playing different psychics. This game gave us all the Halloween feels and we even had our favorite Halloween playlist going on in the background to give it a more creepy vibe. It took about half an hour to play from start to finish. This is definitely a game that I can't wait to play again and would recommend as it's spooky and fun all in one. Mysterium Park is retailed at $39.99.

Carcassonne is the perfect introduction to the modern world of board games. With its simple rules
(place a tile, place a meeple, score points), beautifully illustrated tiles, and iconic components, this
modern classic should be part of everyone’s collection.

Carcassonne is a fun and easy learning boardgame for the entire family to enjoy. The hubby and I played with all three kids and we all had a blast. Although the game is targeted for ages 7+, our six year old was able to understand the rules and play along with us. The game is for 2 to 5 players and takes about 35 to 40 minutes to play. You can play in a big group with five players or go head to head with a friend.  The game comes with a completely redesigned rulebook to make learning the game easier than in previous versions of the game and also introduces The Abbot mini-expansion and a new version of The River.

The object of the game, build a new Carcassonne together by placing your drawn tile in a way that it continues the landscape. The game ends when the last tile is placed on the landscape. This was such an interesting game that we all enjoyed. Although not as spooky as Mysterium Park, I loved that we all were able to play and enjoy a game night together. Carcassonne sort of reminded me of those farm or castle games on your phone where you have to start from scratch to build your kingdom or farm, but better as I loved playing with a group. Carcassonne is retailed at $44.99.

Tea for 2 is the newest addition to Space Cowboys 2-Player range of games. It is an easy-to-learn, yet
hard to master, a deck-building game set in Alice’s Wonderland that combines easy rules and strategic play. To do battle, players simultaneously flip over the top card of their decks. The player with the highest card can use the card’s effect or buy a new card for their deck! Players will collect Hourglasses, Tarts, and try to keep their hands on the Pink Flamingo to win! The easy to learn rules designed specifically for 2-players makes this the perfect fit for families, couples, and friends.

Tea for 2 was such a fun game. Aimed for players aged 10+, the game is for two players and takes about half an hour to play. This was such a cute game and the hubby and I got to play against one another during one of our weekly home date nights. After our youngest was put to bed, we grabbed our drinks and snacks and sat down and played Tea for 2. 

To play, each player simultaneously flips over their top card from their deck. If your card is higher you can either apply the effect of that card or buy a card to power up your deck. Both the hubby and I are very competitive when it comes to games and this game definitely brought out our competitiveness side and we had a blast playing. What we both loved about the game is the Evolving Deck. Each player's deck evolves as they play and make strategic choices, so every game is different. We've played twice together and now we can't wait to play with our teens. Tea for 2 is retailed at $29.99. 

A big thanks to Asmodee Canada for sending us all of these board games. I'm looking forward to playing these games with our immediate family during our Monster Mash party on Halloween. For more information on where to buy these games local or online be sure to head to Asmodee Canada

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned board games at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received


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