Celebrating National Organic Month with Coors Organic (Review)

Did you know that September is National Organic Month? People all over Canada are encouraged to celebrate by supporting a growing organic sector, transparent food source and a source of food that is sustainable in the future. This can be done by farmers, retailers, schools, chefs and by you as well. 

Growers and advocates can open up their farm or garden to the community and offer guided tours. Retailers can invite an organic farmer for an education event so customers can meet and discuss organics with the person that grows their food. Schools can plan a school fieldtrip to an organic farm or organize a local organic school breakfast and even invite a local farmer to their school to talk to their students. Chefs can offer a chef tasting event and expose your customer to locally produced organic ingredients or source organic wines and beers. 

There are many ways to celebeate and participate. I've been cooking with local fresh fruit and veggies this last month, making soups and baking yummy treats for my family and we can absolutely taste the difference between eating local farmer's produce compared to buying them in the store. Not only are the fruits and veggies fresh, but nothing is added to them, which makes me feel a lot better when creating meals for my family and I to enjoy.

To help celebrate National Organic Month, we were sent a four pack of Coors Organic to taste and let me  tell you, if you're a fan of beer, but trying to integrate healthier alternatives into your day-to-day lifestyle, this would be the beer to try. With only 90 calories and 4 carbs per 355ml can, Coors Organic, taste delicious and is certified organic being made with only three ingredients, organic hops, organic barley and water. That's it! It's light and refreshing with a crisp and clean finish. 

My husband and I are both on a low carb diet, so getting to try Coors Organic was such a treat. We were able to have a delicious beer that not only taste great, but doesn't make us feel bloated or feel like we're consuming too many carbs. 

Coors Organic is available at your local LCBO, The Beer Store, or can easily be purchased online and delivered right to your door via ShipandSip.ca. Single cans retail for $3.05 or purchase a 12 pack for $27.50. For more information about Coors Organic, check them out on Instagram. 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned product at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


  1. Organic beer! Very interesting! I will have to look for this at my local liquor store to try

    1. Yay! I hope you do and please come back to let us know your thoughts! Thanks for your continued support! - LaQuita