Enjoying This Long Weekend with Some Cold Ones

TGIF! It's the start of the long weekend. I'm pretty excited as my youngest just turned six yesterday and my husband will be turning 36 tomorrow, so although we aren't going away, we will be having a few family members over to celebrate both birthdays and to just get together because it's been a while.

One of the things that's a must for me when having people over to enjoy the long weekend, is nice cold drinks to offer my guests, especially in this heat. I don't know if it's been the same where you're at, but for me, the weather has been crazy hot and humid. I want to soak up as much sun as I can before we're back to cold months here in Canada, but I also want to make sure I don't overheat while doing so. I was recently sent a package with some delicious drinks that would be perfect to quench your thirst during the long weekend.

 Up first is Aquarelle, a light vodka soda and vodka water beverage made with natural ingredients. Every can of Aquarelle includes a light, revitalizing sip with a hint of refreshing flavour. With no added sugar and just the right amount of bubbly or water, it’s the perfect 100 calorie, 0 carb go-to beverage to enjoy all summer long. I got to try both Passion Fruit and Pomegranate and I loved both. I am a huge fan of sparkling water and I enjoy drinking vodka soda water, so this was so good and not only cooled me down, but I also love that it has zero carbs in this drink. I am currently watching my carb intake, not fully back to Keto, but having delicious drinks like this, especially during the long weekend, helps me enjoy my drink and feel like I'm not missing out on having a cocktail that has tons of sugar and carbs in it.

Next I got to try AriZona Hard Green Tea. I love drinking AriZona Tea and I had no idea that they had a vodka version of their tea. The AriZona Hard Green Tea is a vodka-based drink that is a new take on an old classic, giving you the same great taste you remember, with a new twist - 5% alcohol. Made from 100% Real Brewed Green Tea with Ginseng Extract & a touch of honey, AriZona Hard Green Tea is the perfect excuse to give the same old seltzers you’ve been drinking a break this summer. If you're a gree tea lover, this is the perfect drink for you if you want a little kick to it. It's delicious, smooth and taste great, especially chilled and with ice. This would be a hit at a get together.

We were also sent a can of Coors Slice Lime. A brand we are very familair with in our home and one that my husband and I both enjoy, especially on a hot summer day. My husband absolutely loves Coors. The original is his favorite, but he defintiely enjoys mixing it up a bit, especially with the Coors Slice. We got to try some last year and he was excited to try the Coors Slice Lime that he was sent. Stepping into the limelight again to bring you a piece of summer with the launch of Coors Slice Lime, the refreshing taste of Coors with just enough lime flavour that it doesn't overpower the beer, but gives you a nice refreshing drink you can enjoy in this heat.

Lastly, we were sent Vyne, a new specially crafted sparkling water infused with premium hops and a blend of botanicals, completely alcohol free. What a great way to hydrate and a great drink to end the long weekend with. As I mentioned beofre, I am a huge fan of sparkling water and this new sparkling water comes in three unique flavours, Citrus, Herbal, Floral. I absolutely enjoyed all three flavours and I love that the drinks are calorie-free with zero sugar, vegan friendly, non GMO and has natural flavours. Each drink was refreshing and great to have chilled or in a glass with ice. I definitely recommend Vyne if you're looking for a new sparkling water to try.

What are you plans for the long weekend? We'd love to know! With Covid-19 still here, whatever you do, make sure you're staying safe and enjoy the long weekend, we all deserve it!
Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned drinks at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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