Spooktober with DK Canada (Book Reviews)

October is one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely love Halloween and getting in the spooky spirit and now I get to share this with my little guy, this year will be his first Halloween and I'm so excited for him. We were sent a couple books from our friends over at DK Canada to help celebrate Spooktober and Braxton absolutely loves them. We got Baby Touch and Feel Halloween and Haunted House

About Baby Touch and Feel Halloween
A touch-and-feel book for babies that provides a hands-on learning experience for developing fine motor skills as little ones see and touch pumpkins, cats, candy corn, and other Halloween favorites.

Get the little pumpkins ready for Halloween with Baby Touch & Feel: Halloween. Filled with real-life photographs of pumpkins, cats, candy corn, and other Halloween favorites that have textures babies can touch and feel, this is the perfect book to encourage tiny fingers to explore and to help develop fine motor skills while building an early learning foundation with clearly labeled pictures.

With padded covers, simple images, and an amazing range of novelty textures, Baby Touch & Feel books capture the attention of the very youngest children and create an experience they'll want to repeat again and again.

I am so excited about this book! It is so cute and little, which makes it easy for my Braxy to hold. He loves the feeling of every page and is really curious about it. My favourite page is the "green sticky mixture" I have never seen a touch book with the sticky feeling! I am so excited about it and Braxton LOVES it. He constantly plays with it, he loves how little it is, because he can carry it with him without it dragging him along. I'm also happy because its a Halloween book! My husband doesn't "celebrate" Halloween like I do, so when we got this book I was able to get him to read it to our son and get him a little more excited for the spooky season! I'm slowly changing him into a Halloween lover! This book is so cute and enjoyable! A for sure must buy for your little human during the spooky season.

About Haunted House
Are you daring enough to join the brave cat and mouse as they explore the noisy haunted house? If so, open the surprise flaps and hear the funny, light-activated sounds in this spooky sound book that's shaped like a house.

With a delightful rhyming story to read aloud to little ones, a sliding door on the cover, and enticing flaps to lift inside, it's the perfect noisy Halloween gift for the scariest time of the year.

This interactive spooky house board book will appeal to a baby, toddler, or preschooler. When they push open the front door slider on the cover they find a friendly ghost, and hear some fun Halloween music and a ghostly woooh! Inside, they'll discover more entertaining characters under flaps to fill their Halloween with sound: a talking monster, a rattly skeleton, a smiley mommy with a silly scream, and chuckling Mrs Witch. Little ones will soon be joining in with the rhyming story, and they will improve their fine motor skills as they lift the exciting flaps and discover who's hiding behind each one.

With its slider, lift-the-flap sounds, and fun shape, Haunted House provides lots of opportunities for parent-and-child interaction, and hours of Halloween entertainment little kids will love.

This book about a kitty and a mouse walking through a haunted house "not scared" is so perfect ! I'm shocked at the creativity of this cute story and the sound effects made Braxton so excited! He kept flipping the page and was super engaged even once I was finished reading. He went back to some of his favourite pages and just kept flipping to hear the sounds. Such a good idea for the book! It has a switch on the back to turn the book on and off so the battery stays alive. I love this, so does my little dude! Super happy that this book will be in our Halloween collection because it's a Halloween must for your kiddos.

I love that both of these books have some sort of sensory, I think that's so important for my baby to develop and learn.  If you have a little one I really love and suggest these books and am so excited I got the opportunity to review them. For more information about where to purchase both books and about Spooktober with DK Canada, be sure to head over to their website

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above books at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received


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