Brief Battles on Playstation 4 Review

Brief Battles, a fast-paced, underwear-fueled party game from Juicy Cupcake that’s easy to approach and rewarding to master, brings a backside brawl to PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC today.

Wage underwearfare with super-powered undies like Flaming Hot Pants and Toxic Tighty-Whiteys. Claim victory over friend and foe alike in local multiplayer, kicking butt in in uproarious modes like Knockout, Underpants Collector, and Hold the Gold. Fight to claim powerful undergarments that bestow special abilities, from ranged icicle blasts to becoming an unstoppable cannonball.

Up to four underwearriors face off in a Clash of Cabooses. Unlock new character skins for the roly-poly champions of Brief Battles through solo and co-op challenges. Navigate treacherous arenas filled with breakaway platforms, icy floors, and acid pools. From the Frosty Fields to the Dusty Desert, tricky levels with multiple angles of attack imperil posteriors.

Brief Battles is such a fun game to play. This was the perfect game that my twelve year old son got to play and he absolutely loved it, especially when playing with his friends. What I loved was how family friendly the game is so all my kiddos were able to play and when we have our family video game nights (yep, we have those because I absolutely love playing video games) we were all able to play with no problem. My five year old loved that she was able to play a game with her older siblings without dying or feeling like she couldn't pass the levels like they did.

In Brief Battles you are playing as a little sphere with arms and legs. The concept of the game is pretty similar to other battle games, by trying to defeat the enemies in each arena by using your double or super jump and crashing on them. Once you get enough power you are then able to use your power-ups that give you special powers. There are several different powers you can receive when you power up, you can get super speed, stick to walls or even get to through green goo at your enemies. 

There are multiple skins you can wear to tell who is who when playing. Each level is colorful, unique and challenging in its own way, but so much fun to play. It's not hard to figure out when starting and the more players you have playing with you, the more fun it is. 

Brief Battles is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and Steam. To learn more about Brief Battles, check out the official website or follow Juicy Cupcake on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Brief Battles at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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