The Deliciousness of Halo Top Creamery (Review)

I first heard about Halo Top ice cream a couple of years ago when I was trying to find a low calorie ice cream to enjoy while trying to maintain a low-carb diet. Back then the only place I could get my hands on it was if I went across the border and shopped in the states. Since I don't go over often, I rarely had a chance to get my hands on any.

Now that Halo Top has been available in Canada for about a year now, I can enjoy the low calorie ice cream whenever I want to treat myself. Halo Top offers you a guilt free treat with only 80-100 calories per pint and only 6-8 grams of sugar.

Halo Top is available in over a dozen flavours:

Vanilla Bean — A powerhouse on its own or served à la mode, the pure simplicity of vanilla bean takes this iconic flavour over the top

Chocolate — Rich, uncomplicated and totally classic — it's the perfect choice for chocolate aficionados

Peanut Butter Swirl — An irresistible treat for peanut butter fiends, this pint blends ribbons of silky peanut butter throughout the peanut butter pint

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough — Swap your raw cookie dough obsession with this classic vanilla flavour sprinkled with cookie dough bites and bits of chocolate

Candy Bar — This perfect pint blends crunchy peanuts, layers of chocolate and caramel swirls serving up those ideal candy bar vibes

Caramel Macchiato —This creamy coffee flavour is packed with caramel ribbons and will have you heading to the freezer, instead of your usual coffee shop

Sea Salt Caramel — Perfect for a luxurious self-indulging treat, this flavour balances sweet and salty with luscious caramel swirls and a touch of sea salt

Birthday Cake — Get that birthday feeling every day with this celebratory treat full of colourful sprinkles and the taste of homemade birthday cake

Mint Chip — A delightfully refreshing treat, this nostalgic minty flavour adds flakes of dark chocolate

Pancakes & Waffles —Each bite of this delicious flavour includes buttery pieces of pancakes and waffles, plus pockets of maple syrup

Oatmeal Cookie — Enjoy the nostalgic flavour of old fashioned oatmeal cookies with a hint of cinnamon and real rolled oats

Cookies and Cream — The perfect marriage of a delicious sandwich cookie crushed and blended into heavenly sweet vanilla. Need we say more?

I had already tried their vanilla bean and chocolate, which I absolutely loved, but recently got my hands on Candy Bar, Sea Salt Caramel and Cookies and Cream and I have to say each one of those did not disappoint. My favourite out of all three had to be the Sea Salt Caramel. Each pint packed with lots of flavour. I was really pleased and I can't wait to get my hands on the other flavours, including their latest seasonal flavour, Blueberry Crumble which is now available in stores for a limited time following their other two seasonal flavours, Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread House. Their Blueberry Crumble is available and in stores now until the end of May. 

You can purchase Halo Top throughout Ontario, Canada in any of their dairy or non-dairy flavours at your local Sobeys, Loblaws and Metro grocery stores. For more information, please check them out on their website and visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received vouchers to purchase Halo Top  at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.



  1. I've tried a few flavors - the non-dairy are too watery for my liking; but the dairy versions hit the nail on the head for taste!

    1. I've never tried the non-dairy either, but the dairy ones were delicious. Absolutely loving Halo Top and all of their unique flavors.

  2. not bad, I missed out on their free sample promotion a while back.. full sized sample but very limited time frame to redeem coupon