Klorane Mango Hair-care Review

I love trying out new products when it comes to my hair. Finding out what works and what doesn't so that my hair stays healthy and soft is important to me. So I was pretty excited when I got the opportunity to try out Klorane's new Mango Hair care products. The products included: a nourishing shampoo, a detangling conditioner, a leave in cream and an intensive mask. The Mango hair products are perfect for dry or dehydrated hair and a great way to add shine, softness and detangling to hair especially during and after our Canadian winters. Below are a few other key facts about Klorane's Mango Hair Products:

Plant-based products with 96% of natural ingredients
Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging
Results visible from the first application
Silicone and paraben free
Klorane's mangos are harvested by hand in the respect of their ecosystem. The Mango butter is extracted in a responsible and labelled way.


The Mango Butter Shampoo lathers amazing and you don't need more than a quarter amount to wash your hair. After shampooing my hair, next I tried the Mango Butter Detangler. I absolutely loved how great my hair felt after using the conditioner. It left it feeling fresh and full. After applying the Mango Butter Detangler I would leave it in my hair for the recommended two to three  minutes, using about a quarter size. It was easy to wash out and doesn't make your hair feel full of tangles or greasy.

Next up was the Mango Butter Mask, this was excellent at leaving my hair frizz free throughout the day, especially in the damp cold winter. I left it in for the recommended five minutes, but for a stronger action you can leave it in your hair for up to 20 minutes under a warm towel. The Leave-in Cream with Mango Butter leaves my hair smooth and free of any tangles, also leaves my hair with a nice shine. I like that it doesn't weigh down my hair or leaves it looking greasy. The leave in cream also works great for styling your hair too.

Overall I was happy with these products and will continue to use them to help my hair stay healthy and hopefully it will continue to make my hair feel great and cut out my split ends.

Available as of January 16, 2019 at pharmacies throughout Canada and online at Shopper's Drug Mart. For more information, please visit Klorane Canada.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned products at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

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  1. I've used Klorane products before and I really like them. They're gentle and make my hair look and feel great.