DK Canada's Crafty Science Book Review

Little crafters will become little scientists as they explore, experiment, make, and create their way through every STEAM project.

This hands-on crafty science book introduces inquisitive children to the wonders of science through craft projects with everyday objects. Award winning author Jane Bull combines arts, craft, and cooking activities with gentle scientific learning, showing children that science, technology, engineering, art, and maths are all around us - and in everything we make and do! Crafty Science contains more than 20 fun-filled projects, each accompanied by a 'What's the science?' section explaining how it works. Children can learn how to make a toy raft and discover what makes their boat float, or how to create an ice sculpture and learn about the changing states of solids and liquids.

With Crafty Science, difficult concepts like buoyancy, gravity, and aerodynamics become meaningful and accessible to young children through play. They'll discover the world around them like they have never seen it before!

This book has been one of my favorites that I've added to my family library. I was excited to receive this Crafty Science book from DK Canada as I love getting crafty with my little ones and this book is filled with kid-friendly crafts that the entire family will love. From making lemonade from scratch to creating swirling snowstorms (snow globe) this book is filled with craft projects for kids of all ages to enjoy. I really love that most of the things you will need to create projects are recycled items that you can find in your recycle bin at home. 

As we prepare for Spring, I have lots of sticky notes in this book for craft projects I'm looking forward to making with my kids. Definitely a book worth checking out, Crafty Science is now available for purchase at DK Canada.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Crafty Science at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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