From Old To New, Getting Creative w/ Crayola's #ThreadWrapper

My ten year old absolutely loves showing her creative side. Whether it's making cupcakes, writing a story or sewing up some pillow covers, she's is definitely one that loves expressing her uniqueness. So when we were selected from Crayola Canada to test out the new Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper, I knew this would be an amazing opportunity for my daughter to get her creativeness on and turn some of her old toys that she no longer uses into something new.

The Thread Wrapper is an amazing way for young girls to get creative with items they already have and make them look new again. This was definitely a huge hit with my ten year old. She absolutely loved how she could turn her pens, sunglasses and even her hair brush from their original look into something more beautiful. Believe it or not, this has made her love these items once again as they look super cool and brand new.

What I love about the Thread Wrapper is that it opens up my daughter's creativeness and imagination so that she can turn anything she has into something better to fit her personality.

Not only are you able to create new looks for your toys with the Thread Wrapper, but your child is also able to create their own thread colours as well. They can use the one of the six threads that already comes in the package or they can use thread that parents have around the house to create their very own unique thread colour to use to improve the look of their toys.

This would make a great gift for any young girl who loves showing their creative side. With the holidays around the corner, I'd definitely add this on a gift list for any young girl in your family.

The Thread Wrapper includes:
Threading Unit
Re-threading attachment
6 spools of thread
2 spools
1 fabric marker

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Disclosure: This has been a sponsored post. Although all opinions are my own, I received the Crayola Thread Wrapper in exchange for my review.


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