My Feeding Experience With My Two Little Ones #MomTrust

I can remember vividly the day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. It was a couple days before my 21st birthday. I was young, but very excited and nervous all at the same time. There was so much for me to learn before she came into this world and I only had a few months before she would be here. Time went by quickly. I remember picking up a few pregnancy books and deciding right then and there that I would breast feed my daughter. There were so many benefits from it, how could I not?

Well, as much as I wanted to breast feed, things definitely didn't turn out that way. Once she was born and I had the chance to hold her and feed her I tried. Not only was it very painful for me while trying, it was also very hard for her to latch on. As a first time mother with hopes of breast feeding my child, this was very sad and disappointing to me. My emotions were everywhere and all I could do was cry. While everyone gave me support letting me know it was okay and that I could continue to try I ended up giving my daughter a formula and bottle feeding her, but I wasn't done trying. I kept trying while I was in the hospital and again the first few days while we were home. I had no luck. I finally decided to go ahead and use formula because it wasn't helping my daughter or myself being so stress. Although it took a while to not be disappointed in myself, I slowly became okay with the decision to bottle feed.

About a year later and I half later my husband and I found out we were pregnant again. Our two kids are 23 months apart. It Being a couple years older and having our lives a bit more together, we were both really excited to have another little one join our growing family. I decided early on because of my first experience with breast feeding that I didn't want to try it for this pregnancy. Although I know now that every pregnancy is different, I was still a bit disappointed on how my first experience with my daughter went. So with this decision being made, it was time for me to start using the right bottles.

We started using Playtex with my daughter and I knew right a way that we would be using the same brand with my son. Over the last year and a half with my daughter, Playtex had been a brand that I trusted and had a bottles and sippy cups for every stage for my daughter, there was no question that I would be using them with my son as well.

Now here we are almost seven years later and I'm expecting our third child this Summer. It feels like I'm experiencing pregnancy for the first time all over again because it's been so long, but I can't wait to meet this new little one. We are all so excited and a bit nervous to have a baby in the house after so long, but I seriously can't wait to meet my little one.

Since it's been nine years since my first pregnancy, I'm willing to give breast feeding another go with this baby. I know now that every pregnancy and baby is different and my experience won't be the same as it was before. I'm looking forward to trying with this baby, but also am being prepared just in case things don't turn out the way I plan.

Do you breast feed or bottle feed or plan on breast feeding or bottle feeding with your little one?
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