Danny Phantom: The Complete Series (Review & Giveaway)

 All three seasons of Danny Phantom will be available in one gleefully ghoulish package when Shout! Factory releases Danny Phantom: The Complete Series on DVD January 28th, 2014. Get ready to take a trip to the other side with this 10-DVD set featuring all 53 original episodes of the hit Nickelodeon series.

And you thought the hassles of everyday high school life were bad! Meet Danny Fenton, a good-natured, ordinary 14-year-old kid with extraordinary powers. After an accident involving ‘Ghost Zone’ portal of his two highly eccentric ghost-hunting parents, Danny now has the half-ectoplasmic DNA of a ghost, giving him the ability to fight off the horrible spooks, specters and vengeful ghost hunters threatening our world! But before Danny can defeat anything, he must first learn to control his newfound powers with the help of his best friends, tech-head Tucker and self-proclaimed goth Sam.

My little kiddos were babies when the Nickelodeon show, Danny Phantom came out. Even though the show is now over, my kids have become huge fans thanks to the re-runs that they play on television. So when I had the opportunity to review the entire series, I knew my two munchkins would love it because they are big fans of the show. 

Watching a series from beginning to end is definitely different then just watching an episode here and there. We were able to watch a few episodes a day during their Winter Break and they loved it. This show was filled with lots of adventure, friendships and had lots of humor in it as well. The complete series is definitely worth getting into your collections, if not for your kids then maybe for a niece or nephew that are fans of the show.  Danny Phantom the complete series is available for purchase starting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 28th.

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Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received Danny Phantom The Complete Series at no cost for the purpose of this review.


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