DIY: Oxiclean

I'm not sure if I've mentioned my daughter's love for infomercials before, but let me just say she loves them. For only being six years old she's taken an interest in these ridiculous commercials for some reason. I remember her wanting to try the "Eggie," and asking us over and over if we could get it. I found no use in it and after reading a couple of reviews from a few bloggers friends, I passed on that.

That didn't stop her from telling my husband as he was peeling a boiled egg around Easter time and having a hard time peeling it, "See daddy, it would be much easier if we had the Eggie," lol. Kids are so funny.

So when they started replaying the Oxiclean commercials it wasn't a shock to hear her explain to my husband and I why she thought we should have it. Again, she's only six. I had to explain to her that we don't really have too much carpet in our home, in fact, the only carpet we have is the area rug in the living room, the stairs leading to the living room and the kids rugs in their bedrooms. Her response was, "Mommy, it's not just for stains on the floor, you can get the stains out in our clothes too." I couldn't stop laughing and told her that we would make our own Oxiclean and it would be much better. Thank goodness she was happy with that.

Searching for a recipe wasn't hard at all, in fact when you type it in on google or on pinterest, tons of bloggers have already shared their version of Oxiclean. So now it's my turn to share it with you lovely readers.

I must say it works FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! Seriously. I used this on a few of the kids clothes after the Victorian Weekend and the stains came right out. I'd recommend trying this before buying Oxiclean, just because you can get everything and make your own for $3 bucks. All of my items came from the Dollarstore, so this is definitely cheaper.

Have you made your own before? If you have, how'd it turn out? And if you haven't and you do try this recipe, please come back and let us know how it worked for you.


DIY Oxiclean
Source: Adapted from: A Real Housewife and Mommy

1 Part Baking Soda
1 Part Peroxide
2 Parts Water

Mix all ingredients in a container to spot treat or just add straight to laundry if pre-soaking. 
Shake it before you use each time.


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