Purely Great Review

I got an opportunity to test out a sample of Purely Great’s Lavender Cream deodorant. Purely Great is a Canadian based company located in Toronto, Ontario. Their products are all handcrafted and has no preservatives, no aluminum and no chemicals. The deodorants are all non toxic and vegan.

I’ve tried most types of deodorants before, bar, spray, roll on and I’ve even tried the crystal rock before, but using a cream deodorant was pretty new to me. I fell in love with the scent; lavender is one of my favorites. So I took a week off of my normal deodorant to try Purely Great. When first opening up the cream to use it, I noticed that the cream had separated a bit, which is normal being that the cream is all natural.  All you need to do is stir it up with either a toothpick or since I didn’t have any I used the thin Popsicle sticks I use for crafts with the kids.

You want to apply the cream on a clean and dry surface for it to work correctly and all you need to do is use a dab. That small sample that I used, lasted me more then a week because you don’t need a lot in order for this to work. Once you apply the cream you want to rub it in. This is the part which I felt really pleased. Once you rub it in, unlike roll on deodorants, it’s not wet. You are able to put your top on right after you apply the cream and I loved that.

I would recommend this for those of you who have sensitive skin or allergic to some of those deordorants that are on the shelves at your local stores or if you want to try something new. To find more information about Purely Great and their products, feel free to visit their site at http://www.mynaturaldeodorant.com/, you can also find them on faceook, twitter, youtube and subscribe to their mailing list!



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