Online Blogging Communities

One of the best things about being a blogger, besides getting awesome products to test out, is the friendships you build throughout the blogging world. One of the things that I think is very helpful and a way to "jump in," is by joining a couple blog communities. If you're lucky you'll find one that you're very comfortable in and feel like you fit in. For me I found two this past week that I absolutely love and need to give shout outs to. Follow Me, I'm Canadian and Canadian Moms. Both are Canadian communities and both are just amazing. When you first join they make you feel welcome by both greeting you and automatically the owners of the community send you a friend request.

I'd like to say thank you to these ladies for starting such great online communities and I look forward to being an active member. If you're just starting out in the blog world things can be a bit crazy and you may not know where to begin, but let me say that if you join a blogging community you will receive tons of help on how to get started and what to do and before you know it you'll be good to go and be a blogging pro!




  1. That is incredibly sweet LaQuita!! Thank you so much for the recognition, and being a part of the community! It's members like you that make it so worthwhile!!

    Warm Regards,

  2. Love Canadian Moms! I was much more active a few months ago, but definitely need to get back on the weekly chats. Glad you enjoyed yourself and hope to see you on there when I can actually get on!

  3. I'm Canadian too!!! Thanks for joining our blog hop today. I'm happily following you too :)

    Happy Thursday!