The Night Clerk DVD Review

Tye Sheridan stars as hotel night clerk Bart Bromley who is a highly intelligent young man on the autism spectrum. When a woman is murdered during his shift, Bart becomes the prime suspect. As the police investigation closes in, Bart makes a personal connection with a beautiful guest named Andrea (Ana De Armas), but soon realizes he must stop the real murderer before she becomes the next victim. Also Starring Helen Hunt as Ethel Bromley and John Leguizamo as Detective Espada.

The hubby and I got the chance to watch The Night Clerk and it was a such a great suspenful thriller. We've seen the actor who plays the main character in a couple other movies, Mud and Ready Player One, so we were excited to see him in a different type of role. 'Bart' played by Tye Sheridan, comes on screen, imitating normal human interaction phrases, from what appears to be home made voyeur video footage. It becomes impressing clear that Bart is on the autism spectrum.

The acting portrayed in this movie by Tye Sheridan was astounding. His dedication to this role was obvious, and the writing and plot of the movie show more depth into the personality of someone on the spectrum, in a relativaly realistic manner while making a thought provoking movie to watch.
What we found to be compelling is the manner in which Bart interacts with even his own mother, 'Ethel' played by the iconic Helen Hunt. Helen Hunt does a fantastic job playing a supporting role; the pain, anxiety, and fear that is never fully put to words is still expressed in a realateable way.

John Leguizamo has always impressed us as a serious actor, this role of intelligent 'Detective Espada' was no different. Ana De Armas performed very well, and the chemistry between her character 'Andrea' and 'Bart' was exciting, awkward, and seemingly genuine.
We do not want to give too much of this plot away, the way the movie is written and the reactions of the characters leaves so many small differences available you wont be able to know exactly what happens at the end.

For that reason alone this movie is an absolute watch, however we have an affinity for movies that point out the not so obvious view points. The representation of how lonliness effects people was layed out in the writing beautifully, and was performed splendidly by the cast. 

The Night Clerk is available now on digital, on demand and now DVD. 

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received The Night Clerk on DVD at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. 

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