Learning New Hobbies With DK Canada

Like many others around the globe right now, I’m spending these couple of weeks at home, watching, reading, learning. Finding new ways to connect and reflect. What a hectic few weeks it has been for so many! I couldn’t be more excited to get an opportunity to select three books from our friends at DK Canada and share them with you.

I started off with: Your Well-Being Garden, How to Make Your Garden Good For You by Alistair Griffiths and Matt Keightley. Right from the get-go, amidst a global pandemic, even just READING this gardening book filled me with comfort. Stunning pictures, this book is packed with information for every level of gardener, it’s a beginner’s thrill for me. Chapters filled with all sorts of helpful information on things like healthy soil, growing your own food, attracting pollinators and sustainable gardens (my fav!) It covers everything from garden designs to selecting the perfect fragrances and, of course, how to make your garden good for you! Your Well-Being Garden is retailed for $29.99.

My second read this week is Photography by Tom Ang. To say this book is visually appealing is an understatement. This book is beautifully designed, page-by-page. Excellent conversation piece and coffee table-worthy for sure! Packed with galleries of photos and tightly organized topics covering history of photography, art and techniques, it covers everything. Every single page has something fantastic to glue your eyes to. It’s a winner in my book and is retailed for $39.00.

My next and last mission: The Knitting Book by Vikki Haffenden & Frederica Patmore. Knitting is a craft I have always admired and always wanted to learn. The attractive colourful pages promise to make an experienced knitter out of anyone, even if you’ve never held a pair of knitting needles before. And lucky for me, I never have! This book is beautifully designed and organized by colour-coded tabs covering everything from basic tools and materials to varying degrees of knitting techniques and contains an awesome collection of stitch patterns. I’ll admit, I need a bit more practice but following along in the easy-to-use instructions was a blast! The Knitting Book is retailed for $52.00.

All three books was such a great distraction to have when I needed to unplug from the online world and for us keeping our social distancing from friends and family. I picked up a new hobby with The Knitting Book, learned some new tricks to apply to my garden and the Photography book was just beautiful to look through. I'd definitely recommend all three books and if you get a chance to get your hands on one and check it out, please let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above mentioned books at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

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  1. I would love to have the knitting book and learn new stitch patterns