BABY Born Surprise: Bathtub Surprise Review

My two youngest daughters love everything related to dolls/babies and accessories! They are always wanting new dolls to add to their collection to play with, so they were beyond excited when I presented them with the Baby Born Bathtub Surprise.

What a super cute baby doll this is! This baby comes with so many stages of discovery which kept my kids intrigued and entertained for quite some time. You start by wiping the baby's eyes to discover what color they are and from there you can place the baby in the water filled bathtub to find out what color hair your newly purchased baby has! I don’t know about you but, my kids get even more excited when they get to use water with toys so a real bath for their doll was truly the best part for them. Did I forget to mention this doll come with it’s own bathtub that is such a great size?!

The hair color changes when ice water is poured on the dolls head and will remain for a few minutes and then returns to the initial color out of the package. This allows for the kids to play with the doll over and over again as if it were the first time!

The doll also comes with a packaged t-shirt that will reveal itself once submerged in water which was yet another super exciting component that my daughters absolutely loved. Hold on though still more to this doll! In the package comes two diapers, a baby bottle, and a little chain link bracelet. This allows the kids to diaper the baby and feed it with a water filled bottle. Once the baby has had enough to drink, the diaper becomes wet and then the discovery of two different charms to be connected to the doll’s bracelet.

My girls really enjoyed this doll and I was very impressed with all the components and the quality of each piece. This doll has everything for a child who loves to role play as a mommy or daddy. It's been well over a month since I introduced this doll to my two girls and they are still loving her. I would definitely recommend this doll as it is a great addition to our doll collection!

For more information on BABY Born Surprise: Bathtub Surprise be sure to head over to their website, there you will be able to find where you can purchase this amazing doll for your little ones!

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received BABY Born Surprise: Bathtub Surprise at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received


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