DK Canada Maker Lab Book Review

Supporting STEAM education initiatives and the Maker Movement, the National Parenting Publication Award-winner Maker Lab includes 28 kid-safe projects and crafts that will get young inventors' wheels turning and make science pure fun.

Each step-by-step activity is appropriate for kids ages 8-12, and ranked easy, medium, or hard, with an estimated time frame for completion. Requiring only household materials, young makers can build an exploding volcano, race balloon rocket cars, construct a lemon battery, make sticky slime, and more. Photographs and facts carefully detail the "why" and "how" of each experiment using real-world examples to provide context so kids can gain a deeper understanding of the scientific principles applied.

With a foreword by Jack Andraka, a teen award-winning inventor, Maker Lab will help kids find their inner inventor and create winning projects for school projects, science fairs, and beyond.


Two of my beautiful daughters, Joey and Ryanne helped me review Lab Maker. We did two medium level projects. Only one I could say was successful. Our most successful project was Sticky Slime.

Relatively easy to follow directions. We did end up with a result similar to the pictures shown in the book. The kids were amazed that while appearing like slime when picked up it was a solid. The book explains the science behind it in a fun and interesting way. Downside is that it's pretty messy.

Our most Unsuccessful project was Sugar Pops…

While this seemed like an easy enough project the directions on heating the sugar were a little vague. I'm not sure if this project flopped because I heated the sugar incorrectly or if I chose the wrong type of container which the directions were also a little unclear on. Nonetheless it was fun to try. The girls were a little disappointed that it didn't work but not all first attempts experiments are successful which is a lesson in itself.

The book is colorful and exciting for the kids. They barely recognized that they were learning because it was so hands on and fun. Some directions could have been clearer but maybe practice of a few would yield better results. Can't wait to try a few more. This book is full of great fun ideas. A must have for the entire family to enjoy.

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Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received the above book at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received