Zoom-O Disc Launcher Review

My son is always on the go. He's eight, very active and always loves doing something different and challenging. We try and keep him busy as best we can throughout the year with soccer, hockey and track, but even with being active through sports, he still loves to be active at home.

We have a trampoline in our backyard that we use during the warm months, but even that some times doesn't do it for my son. He loves active games and toys that challenge him, so when we received the Zoom-O Disc Launcher, I knew he would love it.

With the Zoom-O Disc Launcher you get to load discs into the launcher, pull the trigger and watch it take off towards sky. You then can try and catch the disc as it floats back down to the ground. This kept my son busy for a few hours. He loved it and enjoyed running around the yard trying to get the disc as high as he could. With discs being able to fly up to 100 feet, he's told both the hubby and I, he will try and get the disc that high before it gets too cold to play outside.

The Zoom-O Disc Launcher is great for kids of all ages who love a challenge and love to keep active. You can definitely work up a sweat playing with this toy. My son even had some of the neighborhood kids playing with him. He would shoot the disc from the launcher and the kids would try and catch it. Whoever caught it would be the one to launch the next disc. 

The Zoom-O Disc Launcher is retailed for $11.97. For more information on the disc launcher and other similar toys be sure to head over to www.rptoys.ca.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I received a Zoom-O Disc Launcher at no cost for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.


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